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Absinthe Fairy:  Also known as La Fée Verté; the spirit of the wormwood plant, from which the alcoholic beverage itself is made. Often presented herself to impressionist writers and artists under the influence of Absinthe, which they believed had been infused with her ‘magic’.

AF 1



Quabbalistic term, and talismanic symbol, (a cross crosslet over a circle), derived from the Hebrew Atha gibor leolam Adonai ~ 'Thou art mighty forever, O Lord'. Said to invoke good luck and bring great wealth.


The Saxon king, Alfred the Great of Wessex, reined from 871 aged 23, fighting off relentless Viking invasions until finally capturing London in 886 and becoming King of all England. Revered as both a warrior and a wise scholar, he ruled until his death in 899. Noted for his revival of schools and monasteries, he was fluent in Latin, Old English and Saxon Futhark Runic, and wrote and translated many great works by his own hand.


Amour a la Mort: (French); ‘Love With Death’.


The First Prophet, from earliest Sumerian canons and the Apocryphal writings. The illegitimate and only male offspring of Adam and his first spouse Lilith, outcast by both and adopted by Yhaweh, The Creator, (later to be known as God). Anointed Amzer, (a precursor of ‘Mamzer’, Hebrew for bastard), and appointed the covert messiah, he was then charged for eternity with The Mission.


Angel Ring:

The seven planetery angels are depicted within the enamel of the pendant, corresponding with the reverse side inscribed with their respective names, planets and days. The table below shows the details of the inscription on the back of the pendant:


  alt alt alt alt alt alt alt
Angel: Och Phul Phaleg Ophiel Bethor Hagith Arathron
Day: Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Planet: Sun Moon Mars Mercury Jupiter Venus Saturn
Metal: Gold Silver Iron Quicksilver Tin Copper Lead

AAG22 Angels of Enoch Chalice

Based on John Dee's 'De Heptarchia Mystica' of 1582 and Edward Kelly's scrying of the Angel Magic system of the Seven Rulers. The names and the seals of the seven Kings and thier Princes are inscribed around the base, while the cup is engraved with the seals of the four watchtowers.

Enochian Name: Brorges Translation: Prince associated with Saturn
Enochian Name: Bralges Translation: Prince associated with Luna

The names are written in the Enochian language and the two translations above use John Dee's & Edward Kelly's original methods.

Such a chalice may have been used in rituals when attempting to communicate with angels as it honours their names in their own language.



CB5 The Angels of Mercy Crystal Ball

Three praying Pre-Raphaelite sarcophagus angels support the 110mm crystal ball, suspended in the cradle of their sumptuous wings.

Each angel wears a sun disk crown of Isis, (with red crystal), while centered between them is the ancient and magical Star of Isis, the image and the power of which can be magnified when viewed through the crystal ball.


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