LW 1Laidly Wyrm, The: Also known as The Laidly Worm of Bamborough. As legend suggests, a king’s daughter is turned into a wyrm (dragon) by her stepmother, a foul and black-hearted witch. Only a kiss from the prince, Child Wynde, can break the spell and free the wyrm from her dreaded curse.


Inquisitor: From the 12th century, officials of the Roman Catholic Church were appointed to seek-out and suppress heresy, witchcraft and perceived vices.

Pope Innocent III’s anti-Cathar, Albigensian Crusade, the bloodthirsty genocide beginning in 1208 in the Languedoc of France, where up to 1,000,000 Cathars were massacred, was an event which consolidated the Churches resolve and helped establish the Medieval Inquisition.

From the 13th centaury, the Inquisition was made the responsibility of the Dominican Order of monks, (or the Black Friars, from their black robes). These feared Inquisitors were dispatched across Europe and had supreme authority, being cruel and ruthless sadists finding any justification to implement torture and executions, particularly by burning.

EZE 1ezekiel2Ezekiel: Israelite exile chosen by God to deliver his prophecies during the 6th century BC. Regarded as a saint in Christianity and third of the major prophets in Judaism, he foretold the destruction of the city of Juda. His greatest miracle was bringing the dead back to life, told in The Bible, chapter 37 of the Book of Ezekiel.

ILL 1Illuminati: An Enlightenment-era secret society, founded in 18th century Bavaria by the German philosopher Adam Weishaupt. Tied to the dark underworld of the Freemasons and believed to be populated by free thinkers who revelled in the ideals of the Enlightenment – accusing the government of the most heinous heresy and treachery and pushing towards the ultimate New World Order; a conspiracy theory that promotes the subversion of political powers.

In the late 18th century, theorists and physicists speculated that the Illuminati conspired to overthrow European governments and even claimed to be the catalysts behind the French Revolution, though no real proof of any accusations has ever been found. By 1784, Bavarian ruler Karl Theodor banned all secret societies, and the Illuminati closed their doors; however, reimaginings of their ideals and the appearance of shadow organisations have surfaced in recent decades.

CHURR 1Churriguera: An influential family of Spanish architects and sculptors from early 17th and late 18th century Madrid and Salamanca, noted for their uniquely elaborate and flamboyant style of Baroque sculpture and architecture. Their most notable work includes the exuberant design of the Colegio de Calatrava and the Plaza Mayor, both located in Salamanca. This distinctive style became known as Churrigueresque.

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