Ancient Egyptian symbol for life and immortality (or afterlife), and the key of wisdom and secret knowledge. The ankh's form represents the sun over the horizon, with the Nile flowing out below, or alternatively, the combined fertility symbols of the female over the male genitals.


The First Prophet, from earliest Sumerian canons and the Apocryphal writings. The illegitimate and only male offspring of Adam and his first spouse Lilith, outcast by both and adopted by Yhaweh, The Creator, (later to be known as God). Anointed Amzer, (a precursor of ‘Mamzer’, Hebrew for bastard), and appointed the covert messiah, he was then charged for eternity with The Mission.



Quabbalistic term, and talismanic symbol, (a cross crosslet over a circle), derived from the Hebrew Atha gibor leolam Adonai ~ 'Thou art mighty forever, O Lord'. Said to invoke good luck and bring great wealth.


The Saxon king, Alfred the Great of Wessex, reined from 871 aged 23, fighting off relentless Viking invasions until finally capturing London in 886 and becoming King of all England. Revered as both a warrior and a wise scholar, he ruled until his death in 899. Noted for his revival of schools and monasteries, he was fluent in Latin, Old English and Saxon Futhark Runic, and wrote and translated many great works by his own hand.

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