Saligia: (The Seven Deadly Sins) – pronounced ‘SaLeeJea’– a MediaevilLatin ‘mnemonic’ name, (a memory aid - a made-up word or phrase to remember any difficult sequence), given to the Seven Deadly Sins. Collectively these are: superbia  (pride)

avaritia    (greed)

luxuria     (lust/extravagance)

invidia      (envy)

gula          (gluttony)

ira            (wrath/anger)

acedia      (sloth/apathy/melancholy).


The Seven Deadly Sins, also known as the cardinal sins, are the vices that were originally used in The Roman Catholic Church’s Christian teachings, from the early 14th century, to educate and instruct people about (immoral) fallen man's tendency to sin.


Single Decade Rosary: A single string of prayer beads. The sequence of The Lord’s Prayer, followed by ten recitals of Hail Mary and one prayer of Glory Be to the Father, is known as a ‘decade’.


Rod of Asclepius: Ancient Greek symbol associated with Asclepius, god of medicine and healing. Comprised of a serpent twined around a staff, it is believed that this represents the opposing nature of the physician; one who deals with both sickness and health – the shedding of snakeskin representative of physical rejuvenation, while the staff holds biblical connotations of resurrection.


Ossuary: A large chest or underground chamber in which human bones are kept as part of Jewish and Roman Catholic belief, and often found in areas where burial space is difficult to come by. In some ancient cultures, remains were carried in portable ossuaries under the belief that this would make the dead’s spirit more easily accessible.


Epona: Celtic goddess of fertility and protector of horses, donkeys and mules, held in high regard by both Gaelic and Roman cultures. It is thought that Epona and her horses led the human soul into the afterlife.

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