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Alchemy England Blog:
Get the latest news from Alchemy !

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Create your own Alchemy:

New from Spread Shirt ... Create your own t-shirts and other apparel from our dedicated library of artworks.

You can now have your own personalised Alchemy clothing printed to order from Spread Shirt. Click the link below to visit their Alchemy1977 site and start creating your own designs today.

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Alchemy Dealers: order on-line
Find out where to buy Alchemy Gothic products !

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Alchemy's UL13 at Sticker You:

Sticker YouNew from Sticker You ... Create your own stickers from our dedicated library of UL13 artworks.

To start making your own collections of stickers visit the Sticker You website at: .

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Alchemy Empire and steampunk:

NEW RELEASES by Alchemy Gothic

The long-awaited, second great wave of inventive genius from the great Rosenstein Laboratory. Check out the full range of Steampunk styled Alchemy Gothic new releases in our Alchemy Empire feature site.


The very latest Alchemy Gothic 1977 releases:

productsThe new Alchemy Gothic 1977 catalogue has been released. For details of the latest products click here

Plus further great news for steampunks! We have added to our Empire range a fabulous new Necronaute skull belt buckle and a Steampunk clock

Visit the Catalogue Index and browse our latest products online.




Alchemy Limelight:
Which stars are accessorising with Alchemy?

Find out who has been pictured wearing Alchemy jewellery and apparel, where our artwork has appeared in the media and join in with your own finds!

Visit the gallery at : Photos: Alchemy Limelight.

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