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14 years 1 week ago #22998 by Envy
Replied by Envy on topic Re:Steampunk
Morgana wrote:

Good luck! Be sure to post pictures of your creations.

:P Don't look too soon, I have a feeling I'll be searching for a while to come up with anything decent, being the OCD-ish perfectionist I am.

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13 years 8 months ago #27481 by nocturnal-pet
Replied by nocturnal-pet on topic Re:Steampunk
Envy wrote:

Thanks for the input everyone!

Getting parts to create steampunk-themed items reminds me of scrapbooking - You have to search all over for little things. :S Should be fun when I finally gather enough interesting parts though.

Wish me luck in my quest. :woohoo:

Finding parts to create steampunk objects, jewelry, etc. is the best part. In my opinion atleast. Of course making something out of them is lovely too, but I never seem to get anything done. Always putting more pits and pieces to them.
And now as you said it: I suppose it's alot like scrapbooking (no wonder I like to make these things so much!)

I wish you good luck, can't wait to see your creations if you decide to post pics here. :)

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