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Best friends

13 years 7 months ago #27831 by Mr.Obsidian
Replied by Mr.Obsidian on topic Re: Best friends
I have only one or two best friends, cause I do not trust anybody. Plus, I tend to be a loner and I like my alone time. Yet the people whom want to be friends with me lately are very needy and very social..grrr. :angry:

The only two people I trust more than others would be my mother and my girlfriend whom I\"ve been with for 7 years. Other than that, there's people I like, people I stand and people I don't like. :)

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13 years 7 months ago #27834 by ondespumeggianti
Replied by ondespumeggianti on topic Re: Best friends
i have 2 bestfriend where i live. we know each other when we were 10.
and i have 2 bestfriends meet at my university.

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13 years 7 months ago #27856 by black_magnolia
Replied by black_magnolia on topic Re: Best friends
Envy wrote:

Magnolia, you seem to be like me. :P If you don't have the guts to start contact..Maybe ask a friend to help you? If the worst comes to the worst, your friend could call, ask if he remembers you, and if not, they can just say \"Oh. Wrong number then.\" and then at least you know that the guy's 'moved on'.

But on the lighter side - He could remember you and you could start talking again. He might've changed. People usually do, after such a long time..

I don't know... :S I deleted all his contacts I had. I only know his e-mail address because it is made up of his real name and that isn't something easy to forget.
I'm pretty sure he remembers who I am, that's not really a problem, because we were somewhat close (our friendship has a pretty complex side to it that would be hard to explain), but my other friends say that it's a bad idea to contact him. They say if he cared he would have called me already, so that it's a waste of time contacting him because I wouldn't have anything out of it besides making a fool of myself... :S
I really don't know what should I do or should I just leave it be... Maybe one day I'll contact him... Who knows...

Thanks for the support. :)

To see a world in a Grain of Sand,
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