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Looking for help

3 years 1 month ago - 3 years 1 month ago #45725 by blademan
Looking for help was created by blademan
Hello there could someone help me.I am Working on a fan project that’s about the game series Castlevania. And in the game lament of innocence  it deals with alchemy.As the main weapon is a whip known as the vampire killer and it  Was made with alchemy. And I wonder could anyone on here help me as I was trying to understand how the whip worked, I’ll give you some background.You see the whip was made with alchemy and it was able to destroy Evil, but there are some evil that it was unable to work on.  and the only way for it to be powerful enough to work on powerful evil. Is for it to gain its complete form. And the way to do this is, the user of the whip must enter in a blood covenant with the soul of someone who has been tainted by vampirism.
but who trust the whip user, And the whip user trusts them.

And when this rite is done the whip becomes whole. And that makes it A  VERY holy weapon. making it able to Kill powerful evil.  And by evil, I mean the score of all Evil powerful. And in the games its known as a dark lord.

The person who was tainted by vampirism is a women called Sara, she was the main charters (Leon) betrothed. So Sara got cursed with Vampirism. and  she fused her soul to the whip, So she was able to project others from suffering the same fate. That was her last wish.

So Leon who was using the whip, takes part in the rite. That is performed by a man named Rinaldo ( he is the alchemist who made the whip.)So then after the Rite is done her soul fuses with the whip and now the whip is completed.  

So after I played this I thought they where trying to say that it was a weapon of light and darkness but  that didn't make sense to me. as the whip as been Known as a Holy Weapon since the Game series first started, one of its names is the holy whip. And lament of innocence is the story of how the main characters got their whip it just did not make sense.  

But later on another Castlevania game came out after lament of innocence. And in this other game it shows the player his or hers weapon properties and the Whip’s was Holy and lash But no darkness. So this made me wonder how could someone that was tainted with vampirism be something holy.
Now first I thought I that it could be that Sara was not fully turned in to a vampire yet, But i feel there must be another reason.  

So could anyone help me. As I’d really like to know if this is based on any real alchemy, Or is it just something that the game makers made up. Also, I felt I should add this. It was said that when Leon used the whip it seemed to have gained more power than when it was used by the last user and that was Rinaldo. And this was said before it gained it complete form. 
here is a vid of the rite.
 So if any can help that be very kind, and Thank you for taking the time to read this. 
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