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Do goths always have to wear all black?

14 years 7 months ago #5813 by vampirelycanthrope13
How do you guys define what a goth looks like?

To general people i know i'm the goth/punk person, although i don't know many who are actually 'proper goths', (although i'm not sure exactly what this would be accurately defined as) i have a feeling that 'proper goths' might say i couldn't be goth despite my personality just ecause on some days, i can change from wearing nearly all black clothes, to wearing bright red of neon green colours the next day. I just wear whatever i like,
but would i be able to fit in i wonder with proper goths, or be turned away?

What do you guys think about what a goth should look like?

I know the gothic culture is meant to open to all those who are different from the herd and more darkly inclined, however, from what i have seen of 'proper goths', there does seem to be some snobbery about who is or isn't goth enough.
Have any of you experienced any of this behaviour?

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14 years 7 months ago #5815 by black_magnolia
In my opinion goth is more defined by the way you think then by the way you dress. I know goths that dress almost completely in white and you sure as hell would recognize them as goths without thinking. The same goes with neon colors etc. You can dress in a black t-shirt, black trousers and a pair of boots and be goth. You can wear a Victorian corset with red lace and a red taffeta mini skirt with some platforms. You can wear white trousers and a white t-shirt with some cyber goggles and new-rock boots and be goth. A white blouse with a pin-stripe skirt and some high heels; etc. There isn't any kind of combination that you can't wear and at the same time be goth.
I don't know how to explain myself any better but it's in the detail and the aura of a person where you see that someone is goth, not if some one is dressed in a special way. I often see \"normal\" people wearing all black and I can be sure they aren't goths as do others, but if you see me in black you know in which subculture I belong.

To see a world in a Grain of Sand,
And a Heaven in a Wild Flower,
Hold Infinity in the palm of your hand,
And eternity in an hour.

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14 years 7 months ago #5816 by CorpseQueen
Goth, emo, neon-goth, punk... same whit. Just labels to make people understand what they are, or to give people a chance to be part of a group.

Goth to me is dark and victorian-inspired, with the base black but may got other creamish colour, like white or bleak yellow or w/e. More like the classic vampire. Well, in theory, but someone in a black leather coat might do... in modern times, goth is a bit different.

Emo is the young ones who can't wear a corset or deep cleavages yet... and don't really understand the world yet, mostly, but hopefully they'll learn in time, and become real goth.

Then there is punk, rocker and all the mixes between them... Sure, most alternative options go with black, at least when it's only clothing we're talking about.

But still, I dress like I want to. And being extreme is just fun... at least now, when my school just don't have any extreme persons, and I find it being my responsability... :blush: What you call me I don't really bother, tho I'd get happier for goth then rapper... of course...

My beauty is not the shape of the body,
but the voices in you mind;
the thoughts you can't live without

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14 years 7 months ago #5820 by Morgana
I agree with Black_Magnolia... I think it's more about what you think, than what you wear. I wear mostly dark colours... black, purple, blue, red, etc., but I don't really think I look like a goth, I just look like me. Although, I've never bothered much with trying to fit in with any particular crowd. And I don't know any goths in real life to compare to anyway.

My house probably looks more goth than I do. All the rooms are painted dark colours, and I've got candles, skulls, dragons, etc. all over the place. As well as my various pieces of Alchemy artwork.

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14 years 7 months ago #5830 by Aftermidnight
And I agree with Morgana... I dress the way I feel like. I think what makes a goth a goth is different for everyone anyway. It's certainly a state of mind rather than fashion.
There's a gothic guy at college but only in fashion I think. He doesn't listen to gothic music and doesn't darkly inclined in anything but his clothes. To me, gothic is when darkness is combined with romance or sensuality. It's the romance or sexiness where other people can't necessarily see it. So it doesn't have to be black but black should be the base colour that other colours are applied to, if that makes sense. Other people start plain and add colour. Goths start from black.

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14 years 7 months ago #5833 by Daruma
Being goth is not just clothes! It is also a different mindset and certain musical tastes. Goth On the other there are alternatives and that's what makes interesting this culture.

If you love the word goth? Well... You are! Do not ask any more questions.

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