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Some questions about astral travel and conscious out of body experiences

2 years 11 months ago #45755 by rleiman
Greetings everyone.

I'm a 67 year old who is very much wanting to perform conscious out of body experiences but haven't been able to remember them except for what I think might have been one. I have read several books teaching the techniques on how to do them but I seem to be stuck at the stage where I'm able to keep a dream journal where I write down what I remember from dreams. The books have told me to keep the dream journal so I did so. In several of those dreams, I was able to fly around. Most of the dreams seemed to be just extensions of the waking world where I speak to people, see different places etc. Most were just like I was not in a dream until I actually woke up and at that instant realised they were dreams. The books also had me do "reality checks" where I'm supposed to try and push my finger through one of my hands. Every time I do that check the finger was blocked so I know I'm not in a dream.

I can upload my dream journal if anyone is interested and if you can use it to help me.

Here are some of my questions.
Are all these dreams actual out of body experiences? If they are, what is the secret to knowing that they are really out of body experiences? 

I mentioned that I had one dream I knew consciously that it was a dream because in the dream I told myself it was a dream and I wanted to experiment by wanting to fly around. I consciously flew to the upper level of our house and wanted to fly to another end of the house and it happened. It was also dark outside since I was sleeping in the night. Then I thought it would be nice to see it snow and then it happened.

I'm also scared so much of what death will be like because of my age. That's why I so desperately want to learn how to astral travel and remember the travels and do it on a regular bases when I go to sleep.

If anyone is doing this out there, please help me also do it.

Thanks so much.


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