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Would you really want to be immortal?

10 years 5 days ago #39866 by SkieShauphen
As could I, Magnolia. Immortality and God-like capabilities are easy to ponder over. Who hasn't, in their lifetime wanted to become something greater than what they already are? I think the introduction of another being like yourself or at least one that can understand and be understood would ease the pain of existence for such a long time well enough to cope...but for how long?

Personally, I would exist just fine if I could live a long, human life knowing that, while I am going to outlive every human I meet, at least some day I'll receive death. Also, one of the biggest issues with immortality as a human isn't dying of old age, but of disease or mishap. The odds of falling ill or falling into a hole, getting run over by a vehicle, or attack by a mob of angry snails becomes a lot more probable now.

I have a friend who stated that were anyone to discover their immortality, he would have to kill them after 999 years of life. He stands firmly in the belief that no living creature should exist longer than that.

Meaning comes from within.

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6 years 8 months ago #40228 by Wylie_Lestat
This is a quite interesting topic and has a couple of different layers to it.

On one hand the question posed seems to be would you want to physically live forever? In that case, it is highly likely within the next several years or so that it will be a viable option. For example, cryonics is already in existence and technology seems to be making it more and more possible. The next part to this option would be that it would almost have to be met with an anti-aging or an age reversal process. What good would it really do to come back in, say, an eighty year old body even if they were somehow able to rid you of whatever disease that you had that would have killed you? Next, with this option, and getting into the other side of this, is that would anything be possible if they were not able to physically bring you back, but preserve the anchor (your body)? When looked at from this perspective the reasoning of preserving the anchor would seem to be a high tech version of what the Egyptians did with mummification. On a final note in this regard, it looks as though there is going to be a human head transplant early next year. If it is successful, it could certainly be a bit of a game changer on different things. For all of those who would remain skeptical or say that this all seems "far fetched" , the only thing that I can offer is this: just imagine if slightly over fifty years ago you thought it would have been able to successfully put the heart of a corpse into a living patient and have a success. Chances are, you would have either been viewed as a kook or a heretic trying to "play god". The first successful human heart transplant was done in 1967 and today it is a common practice.

Now, on to the other side: Immortality without the physical. This can go into a wide realm, so I will try to keep it as concise as possible. Have you ever had what is known as an out of body experience? (OBE). If you have, you know that it is possible to transcend the physical the real question would be for how long. I am opened to the idea that this can be done on feeding from the energy of the living. One example that I will give here is that a loved one seems to linger around more prominently shortly after a physical process. When you consider how many people and the amounts of energy that is being fed to the deceased by mourners it fairly explains the vitality of a close presence a while after the deceased has parted. It is also important to remember that fear is a form of feeding and if they are able to get your attention through fear, the fear feeds and the longer they stay wanted or no. To take things to a much larger level, consider any and all God, Goddess, or Devil figure in various religions and mythologies and consider how many people have fed them for....centuries. What I am speaking of here is a combination of the consciousness and the mind. In it's most simplistic terms, one never dies until one is forgotten. While that sounds like a nice way to console someone who has recently lost a loved one, if you consider all of the implications above, you will see that it goes deeper. Much deeper.

As for the question originally posted, I do think it would be useful in some ways and kind of neat to be able to see the future. I assume it could be lonely at times, boring at others, and depressing. When it comes to the non-physical type of immortality that I described above, I think that some people don't quite grasp how to feed after physical death and kind of vanish into the void, I think others do and hang around however long that they choose and then out of boredom, depression, etc chooses to fully exit life of their own free will, but the one's that seem to be malevolent, I would suggest that they don't know how and have to be guided.

Those are just my thoughts.

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