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Local Myths and Legends

13 years 7 months ago #27022 by Madam_Mim
We have many myths and legendes from the Norse gods, including Thunder god Thor son of Odin and Jord.

Thor is the strongest of the gods and his most dangerous weapon is the hammer Mjollnir. It always hits what he aims for, and then returns back to his hand. When Thor lacks strength, he buckles his strength belt Mengingjord and then doubled his strength and anger. Both Mjollnir, Mengingjord and the iron gloves he has, is making him 100 times more dangerous to the giants when he takes them on.
When Thor is running out into the world in his chariot harnessed his two goats Tandgnost and Tandgrisner, they run so fast that the hooves sparking as lightning, and the wagon rumbling sound like thunder in Midgard, where the humans live. Thor is also called Einride which means \"He who travel alone.\"

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