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Local Myths and Legends

13 years 8 months ago #26979 by Draig13
I remember when I was little getting taught about Welsh legends and myths. I loved it which is probably why I have such a fascination now, and I was wondering whether anyone knew of any of their local or country myths.

The one that sticks out for me is the story of the national flag. The story goes that many centuries ago a white ice dragon found a little village and decided it wanted to live there. What it didn't know was that a red fire dragon already lived there and was hibernating in the nearby mountains. Months later when the red dragon woke up it found that the village it cared for was frozen. All the people were ill due to the cold and nothing could grow due to all the grass being frozen. The red dragon challenged the white dragon to a fight on top of a cliff. During the fight the red dragon stabbed the white dragon in the chest with it's horn but the white dragon hit back. The red dragon then flew high up in the air before coming back down and cutting off the white dragon's head with the end of it's tail. The village rejoyced and the mayor declared that the land would always fly a flag depicting a red dragon. The background of the flag would be half green symbolising the lush grass and half white to symbolise the ice. After the fight the red dragon went back to it's cave and fell asleep never to wake up. It is said therefore that every time it rains in Wales it is in mourning of the dragon's death.

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13 years 8 months ago #26982 by Highwayman
Herne the Hunter mythology, Herne the Hunter is an equestrian ghost associated with Windsor Forest and Great Park in the English county of Berkshire.

This records several aspects of Herne's ghost which is said to have haunted Windsor Forest (covering all of East Berkshire and parts of south Buckinghamshire, northeast Hampshire and northwest Surrey) and specifically the Great Park ever since his death. Further details have entered local folklore from supposed sightings. He appears antlered, sometimes beneath the tree on which he was hanged, known as \"Herne's Oak\", but more often riding his horse, accompanied by other wild huntsmen and the captured souls of those he has encountered on his journey. He is thus a phantom of ill omen, particularly for the country and, specifically, the Royal Family. He has a phosphorescent glow and is accompanied by demon hounds, a horned owl and other creatures of the forest.

Even a man who is pure in heart and says his prayers by night, may become a wolf when the wolfsbane blooms and the autumn moon is bright.

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13 years 8 months ago #26984 by Envy
Replied by Envy on topic Re: Local Myths and Legends
Hmm..I don't know if this counts as a myth, but in my village, sightings have often been reported about 'devil dogs'..They're said to be strange ghost-hounds with glowing mouths.

:pinch: There's probably an intricate story about them out there somewhere, but I haven't heard one yet. I know plenty of myths and ghost stories about the south of England though..The one that sticks out the most in my mind is the story of the Chinese princess. I can't remember all of the details, but I have found a version of the same story online.

There's a fair few human ghost sightings locally here too. A 'grey lady ghost' occupies the grounds of one of the local private schools (which used to be a priory or something like that). Her figure was seen in pictures that a quantity surveyor took of the grounds and since then, he hasn't dared to return. He was told to stay quiet about it though, as the headmaster didn't want to scare parents.

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13 years 8 months ago #26996 by Morgana
Replied by Morgana on topic Re: Local Myths and Legends
There are quite a few ghost stories associated with Halifax, but the first one that springs to my mind is related to St. Paul's church. There was a massive explosion in the harbour in December 1917 ( ). It seems that a priest was looking out a window of the church at the time, and was killed when the glass and other debris came in on him. The church was repaired in due course, but the outline of a man's head was still visible in that particular window. The glass has been replaced several times over the years, but the outline always reappears. I've seen this myself, and it's actually a bit creepy to look at...

Then we have the pirate treasure buried on Oak Island ( ), although I think this one is likely just a myth. If there was anything there, I'm sure someone would have found it by now.

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13 years 8 months ago #26998 by Kuroboshi
Living near Edinburgh, I know of a few offhand.

There's a cemetery in town that's supposedly haunted by some violent spirits, people often emerge with scratches etc...At least, I'm sure it's the cemetery where that happens, might be elsewhere. Apparently that is haunted, although, I have my doubts to how valid it may be (Tourist attraction so...Yeah.)

Edinburgh Castle has reports of supernatural activity too.

The most disturbing however (that I can tell offhand) is that apparently there's this 1 tree that dogs get frightened around. Something to do with a man hanging himself. Never actually checked it out.

That's all I can tell offhand though I know there is a lot more.

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13 years 8 months ago - 13 years 8 months ago #27011 by black_magnolia
hmmm... The only local legend that I can recall offhand is the one about Jason, The Argonauts and the Golden Fleece. Supposedly some of them settled here or came through here on the search after the Fleece... Can't really recall how the whole local myth goes, but because of it we have a couple streets named after the legend.

edit: Found the story on the net :silly:
\"The legend of the Argonauts describes the pursuit of the Colchidians after the ship Argo and the Golden Fleece. The subjects of the king of Colchis gave up further pursuit after the death of their king’s son. Fearing that they would be punished for his death and the failure of the quest if they returned to Colchis, they decided to settle where the prince had died. Pula therefore became not only a harbor of refuge to the Colchidian fugitives, but also their place of exile. The most famous geographer of the antiquity - Strabo - claims that this is how Pula was founded and according to this legend, it was about three thousand years ago.\"

To see a world in a Grain of Sand,
And a Heaven in a Wild Flower,
Hold Infinity in the palm of your hand,
And eternity in an hour.
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