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Does people tease you because your style of life?

13 years 2 months ago #32946 by Venom84
It makes no difference your age, people can still be just as nasty as they get older...The important thing to remember is you are who you want to be, and no matter what anyone says you shouldn't let it change the way you think about yourself or live your life...

At least you have direction in life,people that hurt others and have nothing better to do than cause upset are just insecure with themselves and have no self respect, they have not yet come to terms with themselves, and until they do that they will never be happy in thier own skin...

The time you waste thinking about what other people are saying or how they think of you can be better spent..
The most important thing is you...:)

I'm going to live my life the best i can and how i want to, and if no one likes it i don't care..Lifes too short..xx

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13 years 2 months ago #33058 by AngelusSilenti
In the late 90's, there were a few taunts and the like about my choice of dress, especially after the Columbine incident. I acted as I usually did in those occasions and ignored it. I have better things to be doing than to waste time being concerned about what others thought about me or my choice of garb. My aunts and uncles on occasion jest about it, but it is a rarity and good natured.

If you have no one to blame but yourself then clearly you need to stop doing things alone.

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