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Ghost hunting TV shows

13 years 4 months ago - 13 years 4 months ago #20204 by Envy
Replied by Envy on topic Re:Ghost hunting TV shows
Mm I hate commercial shows that actively 'hunt for ghosts'.

There was, however, a documentary that I quite enjoyed watching (not an active 'ghost-hunting show' but more like someone trying to get first hand experience). Basically - It was one half-skeptic who decided he'd spend one night in several haunted locations.

One of the locations was in the ..Vaults of Edinburgh Castle I think it was. Renowned for 'hauntings'. He slept in a part of the dungeons in the pitch black with just a voice recorder and infrared camera to keep him company.

Nothing happened apart from the odd noise whilst he was there, however, when the voice recording was played back, someone could be heard reciting the 'Last Rites' before a child's scream was heard, and then silence.

I found that quite interesting. I wonder if a clip of it is online. I'll see.

Link 1

The end half of that shows the guy inside the vaults. Not that interesting really. I'll try and find the interesting part..

Link 2

If you skip to 1:00 onwards, you can hear the vocal footage. The guy's face is priceless. He goes from interested to horrified.

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