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14 years 6 months ago #6899 by Morgana
Replied by Morgana on topic Re:Gabi
xxgabixx wrote:

Well you know, we all might as well still be proud of our youth while it lasts.

Yes you should, it'll get away from you before you know it! I still can't believe that I'm 35... feel more like 17 most of the time. I guess the saying is true, you're only as old as you feel.

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14 years 6 months ago #6906 by CorpseQueen
Replied by CorpseQueen on topic Re:Gabi
I forget my age at times... when someone asks for it for example, then I usually fell like answering something that is really wrong. Depends on the time tho, for which age I'll try to answer. Think I've been down to 15 a few times... now I'm mostly stuck at 18, as I don't really realize I'm not a child. Well, I'm happy I can order things online without my parents help, but else I'm kinda oblivious...
There's the fun thing with time... if you don't watch it carefully, it will run away and hide somewhere... and I still have to find it :huh:

My beauty is not the shape of the body,
but the voices in you mind;
the thoughts you can't live without

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