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Introduce yourself to the community here.

MUST READ: How to introduce yourself

14 years 2 weeks ago - 13 years 1 week ago #19774 by black_magnolia
Seeing that a lot of new members can't seem to have any inspiration how to introduce themselves, here is a bit of help:

Greeting of your wish (Hello, good day, hey, whatever you find appropriate.)

I'm *insert name*. (Real name, nickname etc. - your choosing)

If it's not obvious from your profile or forum username, please clarify your gender.

Tell us where you come from. (This is an international forum, so it's nice to see from which parts of the globe are our individual members.)

Tell us what you do in life or what you would like to do. (school, university, work?)

Some of your hobbies or favourites (like fav author, musician, food, whatever you are passionate about) would also be a good piece of information for an introduction.

How did you find this forum/Alchemy? (quite the frequent question around here)

And any other thing you would like to share.

IMPORTANT: Before you start posting more around the forum, please read the Forum Guidelines (found in the Alchemy section if the link stops working) , so that we moderators don't get a headache. Thank you!


REPLYING TO OTHER INTRO THREADS: If the intro thread is older then 7 days you can't post in it!!! Forbidden!!!

RE-INTRODUCTIONS: Members that have once opened an intro thread and have gone absent from the forum for some time and want to re-introduce themselves, please do that by bumping up your old intro thread and not by creating a new thread.

To see a world in a Grain of Sand,
And a Heaven in a Wild Flower,
Hold Infinity in the palm of your hand,
And eternity in an hour.
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