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The Black Arts

14 years 9 months ago #2130 by Adinrak
Replied by Adinrak on topic Re:The Black Arts
demonica66613 wrote:

I own LaVey's \"Satanic Bible\", \"Satanic Witch\", and \"Satanic Chronicles\". I read the \"Satanic Witch\"(S.W.) first. La Vey actually wrote it in tribute to his daughter(s). I'm glad to hear you are familiar to his work because most people just get scared by the name of it. If you enjoy his bible I strongly suggest you read the \"S.W.\"

CorpseQueen, I know we previously discussed Free Will with each other, the Satanic Bible discusses LaVey's views on it. :)

I myself own \"Satanic Bible\", and \"Satanic Chronicles\", both great reads. I enjoyed them thoroughly, but something I though I'd attempt to clarify a little on the matter of satanism.

There are two common forms of satanism, Theistic Satanism and Atheistic Satanism. Theistic Satanists actually worship Satan as a deity whereas Atheistic Satanists practice more under Levayan teachings. Or at least, that has what I've gleaned off of my little \"investigation\"-if you will-of the differences in Satanism :woohoo:

Another great read is \"Divine Comedy\" by Dante Alighieri! If you haven't read it yet, you should definitely at least look in to it. Well worth the time :)

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14 years 9 months ago #2211 by CorpseQueen
Replied by CorpseQueen on topic Re:The Black Arts
Check out the topic \"Hell\" which I created here on the forum, Adinrak, and get a look into which level you'll end up in... just for fun.

And, about the Divine Comedy, can I just play the videogame that's based on it? Comming out next your or so, I believe... and of course I'm kidding, making Alighieri into a superhero just... isn't all that right...

But I believe it could be interesting to read, tho a bit hard... we'll see.

And when it comes to Satan, I believe it's hard to define different believes... I'm sure there are people who openly practice those different veiws, but how many more doesn't have their own beliefes, hidden from all? Somehow I believe we all got our own view on Satan.

My beauty is not the shape of the body,
but the voices in you mind;
the thoughts you can't live without

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