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1 year 1 month ago - 1 year 1 month ago #45809 by ForumAdmin
Hi everyone,

Just a quick website update to let you know about some changes we rolled out on Friday.

To give you some background the current version of this website was built sometime ago by one of our previous web designers. It uses a lot of open source projects to provide features, such as the forum and picture galleries.

Last week we rolled out a major update to the platform that the entire site is built upon. The upgrade was necessary as the old system was being retired by its maintainers and so we must march onwards. Unfortunately time is critical when it comes to security and continuing to use the old system was not a realistic option.

One of the casualties of the upgrade was our legacy User Points system that had not been updated in some time and appears to have been abandoned by it's original developers. We still have all the historical data from the system and hope to bring it back in the future. Alas we couldn't afford to delay the migration much longer and so decided to proceed with out it for the time being.

Everything seems to have worked so far but please let us know if you are experiencing any problems with the new site.

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