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Looking for this Alchemy Gothic items and selling mine collection!

3 years 10 months ago - 3 years 10 months ago #45649 by Kalabukhova
Hello everyone!
I have a lot of old Alchemy Gothic items( mostly decor and two chalices, few jewelry) for sale.
I am searching for Muse de Boheme sugar bowl ( I need 2 of them), Muse de Boheme sugar tongue, Apollonie Absinthe goblet, Fairy of the Lake glass, Necropolite pendant - If someone have it and can sell or want to get anything frim my list below - message me on or WhatsApp +79689282181
Prices are not cheap, because of rare and brand new old items. Price starts from 260$
Have for sale:
CS10 Prince Consort Hurricane Lamp
CS12 Celestial Light T Light
CWT40 Love Beyond Grave
CWT29 Garden of Eden
AAG19 Modus Quintus Chalice
CH17 Macbeth mini chess set
P363 Doomstone Crystal
P298 Black Gorgon
P219 Humunculus Jar
A48 Dance of Death bracelet
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