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9 years 1 week ago #40072 by simon_xw
Replied by simon_xw on topic Re: Ask for advice
Thank you :black_magnolia & iHauntTheSepulchre
These questions are when I am translating into Chinese.


In Museum & Library, there are two words: \"Sangraal Germanus, Pandectes Philosopiae\", I want to know what they mean.

They appear in:

The following extract has been taken from a manuscript penned by Farthing himself and understood to be the introduction to his lost and unpublished treatise on the holy bloodline, the Sangraal Germanus.

It has now all, tragically, been squandered to history and his only legacy from the toils of the devout servants of the Pandectes Philosopiae, is nothing more than a popular tale of the horror genre, accredited to his former clandestine lover, Miss Mary Shelly.

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9 years 6 days ago #40073 by black_magnolia
Replied by black_magnolia on topic Re: Ask for advice
Sangraal Germanus: Sangraal = Holy Grail; Germanus = latin term reffering to the Germanic people

Pandectes Philosopiae: Pandectes = encyclopedia; Philosophie = of philosophy

To see a world in a Grain of Sand,
And a Heaven in a Wild Flower,
Hold Infinity in the palm of your hand,
And eternity in an hour.
The following user(s) said Thank You: simon_xw

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8 years 11 months ago #40074 by StephenG
Replied by StephenG on topic Re: Ask for advice
Madam_Mim wrote:

black_magnolia wrote:

The funny thing with people and their spending choices is that everyone's different. I don't understand people who buy cheap t-shirts by the dozen and then envy those who wear a brand t-shirt. I'm in the other group naturally; I rather have three decent high-quality t-shirts which I know will last me a long time, then have a dozen cheap ones which will probably last only one season.

I totally agree with you - I'd rather have quality than quantity

*Alchemy Gothic/1977 themselves forced our hands into buying bootleg-quality copies of some of the more legendary designs by nearly eliminating the T-shirt section (which is moot for people like me; that need a size 3x,and Alchemy only prints their artwork on t-shirtsup to XL)
The Alchemy Gothic powers that be decided to allowed SPREADSHIRT to print some of the Alchemy artwork. Granted,Spreadshirt does print on plus-sized tees, so I bought the most iconic image,THE ALCHEMIST. In my personal opinion, their shirt quality was no better than a flea market(other countries may have differnt names-bazaar,marketplace,etc)

I still have all the t-shirts I bought when I was a teenager; I know I'll never fit into XLs again, but I think one day I might get them professionally turned into \"artwork\" (If t-shirt cotton can be streched like canvas)

I just wish Alchemy would begin to print ALL of their artwork on t-shirts once more; the quality,size of image, and colours were worth the extra cost.And I know I'm not the only plus-sized fan that would be willing to pay a little more for plus-sized tees....

Hopefully, the Alcemy executives will see this and change will come.

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8 years 7 months ago #40101 by simon_xw
Replied by simon_xw on topic Re: Ask for advice
I have more than 130 pieces of Alchemy Gothic t-shirts,.

but I just buy bioworld alchemy of S size to wear.
Of course, I can wear M size, just a little big.

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8 years 6 months ago #40108 by simon_xw
Replied by simon_xw on topic Re: Ask for advice
New questions:
(Paramount to success of this endeavour was the Black Baron. The heroic, lone flying ace and irregular of the RFC. Who, with the aid of E.E. Rosenstein's applied scientific wonders, almost single-handedly conquered the skies.)
2:'De Heptarchia Mystica'
(Based on John Dee's 'De Heptarchia Mystica' of 1582 and Edward Kelly's scrying of the Angel Magic system of the Seven Rulers. The names and the seals of the seven Kings and thier Princes are inscribed around the base, while the cup is engraved with the seals of the four watchtowers.)
(Bathory, Countess Elizabeth: (1560-1614). Noblewoman and ‘vampire’ from the powerful Hungarian Bathory family of Castle Csejthe. Known as the ‘Bloody Countess’, from her obsession with blood and its occult powers, and her infamous and horrific multiple murders. Over a period of years, hundreds of young girls were taken into service and forced into orgies, then manacled by her henchmen and sadistically bled to death.)
4:ANSUR\The ford of God
(The ford of God: controlled, creative, and divine power; spiritual prophecy and revelation; wisdom, knowledge, reason, and communication; instruction and advice; a possible test.)
(In 1768 he returned to Italy where the newly self styled Count was accused of fraud and other crimes, but later married the beautiful Lorenza Feliciani, known as Serafina. Then, around 1769 he and Serafina went to London where he joined the Freemasons and became involved with the Comte de Saint-Germain and the creation of an 'elixir of immortal life'. His expertise and his reputation continued to spread rapidly throughout the world and he moved to Paris, quickly to became a favourite of King Louis XVI and the French court at Versailles.)
(By 1784, Bavarian ruler Karl Theodor banned all secret societies, and the Illuminati closed their doors; however, reimaginings of their ideals and the appearance of shadow organisations have surfaced in recent decades)
7:Sigilum Aemeth
(CB1 John Dee's Seal Crystal Ball
Called the Sigilum Aemeth, the bone reson seal beneath the great 110mm dia.)

Thank you

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