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Raffle, Points & Members Shop - Explained

13 years 11 months ago - 13 years 8 months ago #22777 by black_magnolia
The raffle and points system are explained at these links: Points System & Raffle , but it seems that still people don't understand some things, so I'll write up the most common questions, well just the answers.
The thread is locked so that new people don't get frightened when they see a lot of posts, which looks like the problem they had with the old raffle & points system thread...

If anyone has more questions or thinks I made a mistake or I should add/edit something, then they are welcome to pm me, I'll give them a reply and edit this thread accordingly.

When you reach 50 points you get AUTOMATICALLY ENTERED in the raffle!!! Ergo, you don't have to do anything, just collect points.


Every 50 points give you one entry into the raffle up to 300 points.
After 300 points, you get an entry for every 100 points you make.

50 points = 1 entry
100 points = 2 entries
150 points = 3 entries
see the pattern?
300 points = 6 entries
350 points = still 6 entries
400 pints = 7 entries
500 points = 8 entries

The cut off date for every raffle was supposed to be the end of a month and results should have been announced every first of the next month. This has changed due to the staff at Alchemy being very busy, so when the results are in they are in. Mostly this has now been around the middle of the next month.
(example: The May 2010 raffle results were announced in the middle of June, and the June 2010 results will be announced also somewhere in mid July.)

Members can only win one prize in each raffle.

Alchemy will contact the winner of each prize by email using the email address for the user account.

Winning members must supply their address and real name for the purpose of shipping.

Earning points

1) Daily login = 1 point

2) Reading an article on the homepage = 1 point

3) Post a reply in the forum = 1 point

(Only replies longer then 10 characters are counted.)

4) Open a new thread/topic in the forum = 2 points[/ul]

(I hope you are aware what I've written in the Forum Guidelines thread about opening new threads...)

5) Adding an image to the gallery = 5 points

There are 3 image galleries: Media , You & Alchemy and Tattoo/Lifestyle . Maximum Size of the picture: 2.86 MB, Maximum Resolution: 3072 x 2304 px.
Submit only your images relating to Alchemy Gothic. Only quality images will be published in the galleries and only images featuring Alchemy Gothic art or products will be accepted.
They try to moderate/update the galleries once a week. You can earn up to 20 points this way, ergo upload only 4 pictures.

6) Inviting a friend = 5 points -> to get these points your friend must complete the registration on the forum. There is an one invite per day limit.


There are three ranks:
Archon (you need to reach 100 points),
Savant (30 pints) and
Acolyte (11 points).

For now, these ranks don't have any special meaning in regards to the raffle or any other aspect you could think of. They just exist so don't freak out if your rank picture doesn't change which happens sometimes but isn't a big deal.

Members Shop

For 100 points you will get a coupon code/voucher with a 10% discount in the Members Shop .
You can find the code when you check your points total on the homepage, it's in the next tab besides \"Latest Activity\" and before \"Your referees\" (list of members you have invited to the forum and which have registered).
The Members Shop is only here for members of the comunity and features selected discontined and rare products plus exclusive online members products, so that means you can't buy anything else, i.e. isn't a web-shop.
If you are searching for a shop that stocks AG products, then check out The Old Curiosity Shop for a list of sellers.

To see a world in a Grain of Sand,
And a Heaven in a Wild Flower,
Hold Infinity in the palm of your hand,
And eternity in an hour.
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12 years 3 months ago #37758 by black_magnolia
Regarding claiming raffle prizes:

The winners get an email on the day the raffle is drawn.
If Alchemy doesn't get a reply after a week or so, they send another email/reminder.
The cut-off for claiming prizes is two months after the second email.
However, if Alchemy still has the item in stock, then they will allow it to be claimed after the cut-off time.

Therefore, make sure you keep your e-mail address on the forum up to date (and at least check your mail regularly if you don't visit the site for long periods but still would like to win in the raffle when we have one).

To see a world in a Grain of Sand,
And a Heaven in a Wild Flower,
Hold Infinity in the palm of your hand,
And eternity in an hour.
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