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14 years 6 months ago #7734 by anastasia13
Replied by anastasia13 on topic Re:Dating
hummm very good topic idea AfterMidnight....I asked a guy out spur of the moment like you said..We were together for 4 years after that superly awesome first one could top that date...anyway he shattered my heart, then we were kinda friends (never works with ex's) and then we stopped talking this year. Six years ago he killed my heart. As much as there is Twilight haters in here, the second book New Moon, anyone that read it and have had their heart hurt as much as that, you can relate, even tho its a shitty premise in the book, anyone can relate to having your heart broken. So, been single....few guys here and there to fill some gaps in my life, but nothing of great consequence. Maybe I will have another love, but haven't really put myself out there. Not that I am afraid to meet people or have guy hatred, I don't. Just have priorities, I graduated college with 3 degrees and now need a good job...etc. So if a great guy that loves AG and other things in common we can try something...


Those who stand in white blessed light might not always be good, those who stand in the inky shadows of darkness might not always be evil.

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14 years 6 months ago #7738 by cemwerewolf
Replied by cemwerewolf on topic Re:Dating
Hmm . . . the ideal date huh? I think that would have to be a walk along the river. That's actually how I really got to know my husband. There's a trail that runs along both sides of the river in Saskatoon and it crosses through a number of parks so it's a good way to get in touch with nature when you're stuck in the middle of the city. Your in a pleasant atmosphere with plenty of opportunity to chat, it's a good way to find out about each other. And if things aren't clicking, there's plenty of distractions near by that are just off the path. I do love a stroll along the trail for any reason though . . .

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14 years 6 months ago #7743 by Zenith
Replied by Zenith on topic Re:Dating
Dates? Was never really fond of dates. And yea, I hate it when the man pays the bill for me, it's not like I would go out without money on me or I might think it is civil. I actually don't. When I first started dating my current boyfriend, I couldn't stand the fact he would pay all and I insisted at first to pay for my beer/vodka/whatever but he would not let me. Now we pay in turns and I find that ok. We first met at the trainstation and we had our first date there. Apart from the fact of me getting dead drunk because I was so nervous, it was lovely. He basicaly had to carry me home but then we grew even closer together :lol:
Ohhh, tough date, Black_magnolia. It did sound amusing a bit, but I guess you were really disappointed.

the thread of life lies severed on the brink of paradise.. .

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14 years 6 months ago #7751 by Aftermidnight
Replied by Aftermidnight on topic Re:Dating
Well, hearing this has converted me; I'll never pay her bill again! :laugh:
It is really lovely to hear everyone's happy stories actually, about how love happens, I guess. I'm only just an adult so it's good to hear how everyone else views dating and such.

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14 years 6 months ago #7753 by black_magnolia
Replied by black_magnolia on topic Re:Dating
@ Skie & Zenith: Tnx. I wasn't expecting anything because he wasn't my type, but I wanted to give him a chance. At that time I was really down, fighting with depression etc. so my standards were really low and I didn't think so much about him as a person. If I had done that he wouldn't even had a chance. He was one of those scumbags that pretend to be all nice and gentleman like, when in reality they are worthless. Many things lead me to my conclusion about this person (we were on one \"date\", but chatted on msn for some days; my friend gave him my contact) but this is not the place nor do I have the strength to prove it all here, so you just have to trust my judgment. Believe me, if I ever meet that guy again... well, better for him that we don't meet. (I think I could become violent.)

On the perfect date -> With the right person, the date can be anywhere, doing anything. But somehow the \"small\" things in life are the best. I know I feel the most at ease when going for a walk, it's also easier for me to talk; so in that sense I agree with cemwerewolf. :silly:

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14 years 6 months ago #7788 by SkieShauphen
Replied by SkieShauphen on topic Re:Dating
Cool, cool and I trust you on that. For some reason I see food and some sort of amusement area as a great date. I just wish I had the resources for MY kind of dates. I just love being that guy that sweeps women off of their feet for a date and regardless of what happens after the date I will still not love them or go steady with them. Just one good night of fun leaving her gasping for air as her heart is taken aback and then I'm gone. Woosh lolz.

Girls: Do you like the guy to lead you on the date or do you like to add your own preferences? Or maybe do you just like to be surprised?

Meaning comes from within.

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