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US Elections

7 years 3 months ago #40181 by iHauntTheSepulchre
Well then, in the interest of sparking some life into the place, I'm going to open a potential can of worms and ask for opinions about the results of the current US election. Thoughts, comments, rants? I want to hear it all.

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7 years 3 months ago #40182 by black_magnolia
Replied by black_magnolia on topic US Elections
As someone who isn't an US citizen, I'm just sad with the outcome and I hope it won't turn real bad like most fear...

In my opinion, for starters, the US has a fucked up voting system. The electoral system just doesn't make sense for voting on a president. Hillary won the popular vote and it's clear that the majority of the US voters wanted her as president, not Trump.
Also, this voting system doesn't encourage people to vote. Why would someone in a red state, bother to vote blue when they know their vote in reality won't count? Furthermore, having voting on a working day is stupid and not beneficial for turnout. In my country we have it always on a Sunday (our constitution just says voting is to be held on a non-working day, so basically we could have it any day of the week and it would just be a holiday).

If I was an US citizen, I would have voted for Hillary over Trump, although I would have much preferred to vote for Sanders. I understand that the people who voted for Trump are just sick with the situation in the country and they want big changes and want to show their revolt with the politicians in their country, but Trump is such a bad fit for such a job. I hope Trump was more big words and a lot of show, then really serious about many things he said. By the looks of his business career, he's been always one to brag and then deliver just a fraction of what he said and fuck up a lot of stuff on the way.

I wouldn't be surprised if Trump resigns or gets removed form office for some reason.

It's gonna be tough for the US now. With a Republican president and congress majority, the future doesn't look too good for the US people, especially for all minorities. Maybe it's the way it should have been. Sometimes you unfortunately have to hit rock bottom to start a new and better path.

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7 years 3 months ago #40185 by iHauntTheSepulchre
Replied by iHauntTheSepulchre on topic US Elections
It was big news down here in Australia too, and I'm just stunned about the way their voting system works. Here, voting is compulsory once you turn 18. When I visited America six years ago, my cousins were shocked that we HAD to vote down here.

Quite saddening really, I would have voted for Hilary too. While she's certainly no angel, she's a damn sight better than Trump and at least she understands politics. I get the feeling things are going to go horribly wrong over the next few years, and I worry about the people that it could affect.

Death's kiss was soft as rose petals...

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