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Let's talk about sex...

14 years 2 months ago #17310 by black_magnolia
Envy wrote:

Anyway..Back to the topic. What age do you all think it's suitable to lose your virginity? Regardless of laws.

Just curious seeing as lots of people ask me whether I regret losing mine before the 'legal' age.

I think at least 18. You can be mature all you want to, physically and mentally, but one thing is how mature you think you are and how mature you are in fact. I think that with age comes wisdom and it's better to wait then be sorry. I don't think someone that is 12 or 14 is anywhere near mature with that age, they are just kids. The fact that you can get pregnant doesn't mean you are also mature to carry out a full pregnancy, etc.

To see a world in a Grain of Sand,
And a Heaven in a Wild Flower,
Hold Infinity in the palm of your hand,
And eternity in an hour.

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14 years 2 months ago #17329 by scootiebee
Ewww. I am with black_magnolia there. 12 or even 14 is probably still too young for everyone. I wish I had waited longer. If I had been more mature (because I thought I was so grown up back then), I probably would have ended up with a much different life than I have now. I changed my whole life around back then to fit in with a guy because he convinced me he loved me. Bah. Wish I had avoided that whole mess. Definitely not mature at 15, either...

Nothing to see here, move along folks.

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13 years 11 months ago #22048 by Polaristhe2
I believe you are too spooked. Nothing more. \"Oh, yeah, I wasn't till it happened to my friend.\" Well the frank answer is, your friend is a liable idiot. No one in the right mind is going to ride the village bicycle. Why? Because it has genital herpes. And probably syphilis. No fing on the blind and you'll do fine. Oh and natural nausea happens when something really, REALLY isn't good. So no half cocked answers there. It either makes you sick or it doesn't. All of you are human. Humans can do with a little of nausea. It's a lot of nausea they can't cope with.

Choices we make and the choices that are, when Hell is so close and Heaven so far.

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