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Let's talk about sex...

14 years 8 months ago #3449 by Thurysaz
Bonjour brothers and sister of The Order Of Algoth,

After the Vision of the Rammstein last clip which is rather \"hard\"(X) than just \"hot\" ...

I wonder what is your view on sex?

As we have throughout the world I know the sensitivity of everyone on this subject.

Because the points of view about this subject is very diferent all over the world.

Mes hommages.


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14 years 8 months ago #3467 by Polaristhe2
Thank you brother, for opening this subject.

Words cannot beging to describe sex. I personally revel in the very experience. The scent, the taste, the noise, the temperature, the vision... Sex is Mother Nature's gift for christmas to us. As to my sexual orientation (which is hetero if anyone was wondering :P), the analogy set my perspectives in the terms of relationships between sexes. Ladies come first (with and without abstract relations). They are to be treated in any way they seem fit, but always with great care. But I'm straying too far from the subject. Sex is an art, especially when consumed with a loved one. And as an art form, a purely primal art form, I personally hold an extremely high regard to it. \" \"Go and procreate, said Allah\" - but didn't say in which way.\"
SO GO AND EXPLORE YOUR BODIES AND YOUR MINDS BROTHERS AND SISTERS! Live! Live while you still can. The life is much too short to be wasted on waiting. Of course I am not saying that you should engage in lewd acts 24/7. And yes, the feeling has to be right. Do what you feel you want gentlemen, and especially ladies ;)

Choices we make and the choices that are, when Hell is so close and Heaven so far.

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14 years 8 months ago #3478 by scootiebee
My sister is actually a sex educator. She just wrote a book, too, called \"Because it Feels Good\", and she works for the Kinsey Institute (famous since the 1950's for research on sex). So I guess her teachings have rubbed off on me. Sometimes you can catch her on Tyra Banks' show, or in Men's Health Magazine, and she has a website. Strange, I defer to my sister for my views on sex!

It is an art form, and the most personal expression of yourself. As long as everyone is getting what they want and need, it is wonderful.

Nothing to see here, move along folks.

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14 years 8 months ago #3483 by anastasia13
Hummmm, my views are wide ranging. Like I would call myself a Trisexual, (try anything once, if I like it I will keep doing it? persay). So, really I would like to be married and do the whole monogamy thing, but I haven't found the right man, that turns that light on inside me. That really makes me want to love everything about him and have explosive sex as well. Usually I get great sex chemistry, but not personality chemistry. I think sex is great release and so is masterbating, but I want more than that. Most people do, if you talk to them about sex. Some men I have known get angry because they have fling with a girl and she won't leave him alone. Well, after sex women tend to bond with that man on a subconscious level that is really emotional. That's why we freak when there is no phone call because he really wasn't that into us. So men need to realize that they need to find a woman that just wants a fling. Some men do not look hard enough, there are women that are like that, that do not need the label \"slut\" as men are \"studs\" hard to fight that cliche...sometimes I just want to have fun and I believe other people do too. It is so hard to fight the stigmas of our societies. America looks down at people like that, but when I went to other countries....they were open to it. Even in asia where kama sutra is a sport. Switzerland had gay/transgendered club I went to (I'm straight, but do no mind in the least everyone elses orientation) and I had a blast and there was people having sex right there in the open.. I really truly think that sex is open to interpretation (do as you will).


Those who stand in white blessed light might not always be good, those who stand in the inky shadows of darkness might not always be evil.

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14 years 8 months ago #3489 by CorpseQueen
To ensure that the spieces will liv on, you have to feed (take care of youself) and have sex (so the species wont die out)

That's the reason I believe sex is just as important as breathing, eating, going to the bathroom... I've heard stories (from persons I do trust) about women in... I believe the 1930's or so, that hade such outbursts of rage that some even went blind... Why? Well, what do you think happenes when you spend you whole life ignoring that primitive drive inside you?

Choosing it is a different thing. I know some people don't like sex, in the meaning they don't find anything fun with it, nothing to enjoy. And when you actually choose to live in celibate, you're the one in controll of you feelings, and in time the drive will fade away.

I hate the modern society when it comes to sex. Women are sluts to even talk about it, men are just men if they do, that's what to be expected. I'm bisexuall, but only 60%-40%, or even 70%-30%, not sure. I like guys more, but find women attractive. Why? Well, I have to stare at halv-naked \"models\" as soon as I turn on tv, computer, when I go outside... and it's supposed to \"strengthen my self-confidense\"... I just wonder why the same girls are doing on the mens magazines then...
(Well, that's what I tell myself, and it may be true. Have it a bit hard to find anything sexually attractive about guys, while just looking at them, but I'm learning. You have to dig deep to get there, I can tell you)

My beauty is not the shape of the body,
but the voices in you mind;
the thoughts you can't live without

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14 years 8 months ago #3494 by witchstorm
Well, I have never seen a music video quite as graphic before, and as I'm a \"visual\" type person, makes me wish hubby was around.......

Anywho, my view on sex is, as long as everyone involved wants to be involved, and no 3rd parties are getting hurt, its a great thing. As much or as little as you like, any way you like. Its your life, your body, man or women do what you like, life's too short to worry about what others think.

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