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13 years 8 months ago #25813 by Kuroboshi
Replied by Kuroboshi on topic Re:Insomnia
Just try keep yourself busy Magnolia, it should keep you up.

It's really not unusual for me to only get 2-4 hours sleep on a college night, I have real trouble sleeping at times. As a result I'm nearly falling asleep during class (Having to repeat stuff I did last year bores me, especially explanations).

I think my body is just weird. This weekend I didn't sleep for 38 hoursish. (Woke up 11am Saturday, last time I checked was 1:30am Monday morning) and even though I was completely tired and wanted to sleep, once it got fully dark and I went to bed I felt more awake than ever.

I'll say I won't attempt that again but knowing me, it will happen some other time my parents are out. Some nights I just don't want to sleep. Plus I was at my mate's one weekend and didn't sleep til 5am, but I have trouble sleeping in new places. Not that the sight waking up wasn't shocking.

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