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Imagine a world in which the greatest leaps of innovation were propelled in a heated rush of industrious haze; a bygone era where proud pioneers dared to break the mould, creating prototypes for unfathomable feats of technology that relied on nothing more than the power of steam, the energy of the sun and the crank of metal – or the crashing force of a lightning bolt, captured and harnessed for some improbably exotic experement.

It was a searing hot Friday afternoon in Leicester, England during the summer of 1977, and in the back room of a semi-derelict, Dickensian squat in the ancient, run-down West End of town, a scrawny punk pushed a dirty, smoking pan of molten lead off the one-ringed stove to make way for a battered, black frying pan. He was hungry. Mash, cabbage and Spam began sizzling together for a rare, sustaining banquet.

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