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first blood thumbWe speculated on the origins of the vampire myth in our first library essay, so when we heard that a case had been attracting attention as the first fully-documented example of the myth, we had to know more.

1To celebrate the release of our new vampire product range "Romantique Vampiria" we present the Origins of the Vampire ... They are, arguably, the most visceral manifestations of our deepest nocturnal anxieties; pale-skinned, fanged denizens of the undead realms that awaken under cover of darkness, shrouded by shadow and lured by the warm pulse of blood that thrums through human veins. The veiled myths and horrifying legends of the vampire are as old as the first roots of civilisation...

2There is no force quite so potent as a woman with infamy and corruption infused indelibly into her blood.

Born in 1480 to the wickedly debased Renaissance Pope Alexander VI and his mistress, Vanozza de Catanei, perhaps it was no surprise that Lucrezia Borgia would go on to become the very definition of a duplicitous, seductive and ultimately lethal femme fatale. Irresistible to men and deft with her womanly wiles to bring about their downfall, Lucrezia stopped at nothing to exact her father’s will; executing political bribes throughout Rome and the Vatican City by any means, as well as more extreme solutions.

3Good Evening, my chosen fiducial Conspirators.

My little game of deception, despite intense public scrutiny, seems to have worked remarkably well for over 100 years, without any fear of detection. And I know that I may trust in you to maintain the utmost discretion in this most delicate of matters; and this, therefore, can be taken as my confession.

4Debauchery; scandal; the lowest levels of depravity and excess.

Such things have been inextricably tied to the inner circles and darkest corners of high society since time immemorial – entire governments with strings manipulated by individuals of great power and persuasion behind closed doors, tainted by vice and immorality; and the origins of the infamous Hellfire Club are no exception.

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