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The Alchemist is the defining avatar of Alchemy Gothic; a legendary figure with many strange incarnations and sensational stories to tell. Select from the features below to learn more about this mysterious creation.

darkFoolFrom the fragmentary archeological, apocryphal, anecdotal and historical evidence assembled so far to date, we present here the known history of the lineage of The Alchemist.

Born of The Genesis in the Garden of Eden, Amzer, the immortal 'Alchemist', underwent countless metamorphic stages throughout time. Destined by momentous divine intervention, inexorably, The Alchemist was to play many a covert and pivotal role in the influence of the history of the World.



The birth of The Alchemist


A short account of the origin of The Alchemist...and the destiny of mankind.


In the beginning, God created heaven and earth. And life.

And then man…

Adam's first consort, in the Garden of Eden, was Lilith.* Lilith then conceived and bore a great host of daughters, followed by one son.

Consequently, Lilith was suspected and accused of sin and corruption and therefore was forced, with all of her offspring, to leave Adam and The Garden. Subsequently, the daughters of Lilith sank deeper into iniquity, until they surpassed all wickedness and became the succubi, and thereby they lay the foundations of hell.


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