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Delve into the history of the Alchemy Gothic Catalogues, new and old. Read The Alchemists passionate words for each unique catalogue.

(All Catalogues were released in September of each year unless otherwise stated)

2023 Carpathia By Night (Online Only)

2022 Septem Maledicta (Online Only)

2021 The Vow (Online Only)

2018 Night of the Lunacalia

2017 Rose Arcana

2016 Masque of the Black Rose

2015 Rosa Noctis

2014 The Coronation of Coraxia

2013 Morta Hari and the Vampires of the Moulin Rouge

2012 35th Anniversary Edition ...

2011 Rose Des Folies ...

2010 Mortuo Ergo Sum ...

2009 Where angels fear to fly...

2008 Shadow Duel

2007 Dans Macabre

2006 Dream of Upir

2005 All Hallows Eve

2004 The Dissolution of Hell

2003 In the Garden of Lost Souls

2002 Opus Magnus

2001 Whitechapel Messiah

2000 Heights of Librarius

1999 The Second Epoch

1998 Chalisbury All Souls Fair

1997 The Hall of Spectral Delights

1996 Dr von Rosenstein's Art of Science

1995 Alchemy By Gaslight

Spring 1995 Grim Sage

1994 The Light of Chaldea

1992 Acolytes Cross

Spring 1992 Pendargon

1989 In Search of the Black Rose

Spring 1989 The Revival of the Lost Arts

1988 Alchemy Metal Wear

1987 Alchemy Metal Wear

1984 Alchemy Metal Wear

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