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From an early 16th Century ceiling painting discovered in a small underground chapel at Einsiedeln Abbey, Schwyz, the cover scene depicts the investiture of the Corvus Regina, or Raven Queen where in the ancient, intoxicated pagan ceremony, Furavis, son of Orcus, crowns the princess with a black rose diadem and bestows upon her the dark secrets of Prophecy and Divinity.

We would like to say a big “Thank you” to all of Alchemy’s followers, for supporting us in our quest to serve the alternative communities, worldwide, since 1977, with our abundantly creative cascade of dark and curious merchandise. And once again, this is the best opportunity to show our appreciation and gratitude to all of Alchemy’s loyal, hard-working and immensely skilled and talented staff, for making each year’s collection so original and indispensable.

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