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Dedicated adherents of the less conventional urban cultures, i.e,'alternatives', will be aware that alchemy have been designing and producing lifestyle accessories covering many different genres, for an unprecedented three and a half decades. now, for the first time since we began and for the benefit of everyone, we have put all of our current collections into one, single catalogue publication. this, therefore, is the first 'alchemy1977' alternative lifestyle catalogue! Divided into generic sections, it is very easy for you to find your flavour.

As always, we have to thank you, our patrons and followers, for supporting us and allowing us the opportunity of indulging ourselves with our splendidly irregular product design and artwork, dedicated to your pleasure. without your eccentrically incisive interest and, of course, your custom, we would have neither the incentive nor the resources to earnestly perform to your gratification. thanks also are whole-heartedly proffered to our most wonderful team of young and veteran artisans and staff who are the heart of Alchemy1977,


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