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In rare moments, when Her Majesty's government might be paralysed by some crippling and mysterious paradox, or an impending diplomatic crisis is in desperate need of averting for want of some resourceful dialectics, or the royal household itself may be threatened by a potentially destabilising, insoluble polemic, there is only one name heard mentioned, sub rosa, that might be indubitably trusted to resolve the imbroglio - Septimus Thorn Esquire; London's distinguished, occult and only consulting philosopher.

In the early years of the reign of the yet-innocent and naive Queen Victoria, insidious predators constantly circled. Iniquitous forces gathered in the wings, awaiting the first opportunity to pounce. Without the omniscient presence of our clandestine metaphysician, all could well have been lost.

In this, (2010), a year of unparalleled trials and adversity, our uniquely loyal and affectionate team at Alchemy, veterans and neophytes alike, from the studios to the offices and factory, have selflessly demonstrated their unprecedented dedication, confidence and determination, and their stunning skills and abilities. We are truly honoured and will be for ever grateful. This new generation has graduated with distinction and will take Alchemy's arts on to new heights, will find new adherents and great new opportunities. The coming dawn is bright!

Finally, we must again humbly thank our many customers and followers around the world and we hope to continue to serve you well, in perpetuity.

On behalf of:

Septimus Thorne
a.k.a. The Alchemist

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