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Beneath the glittering surface of the Empire’s glorious expansion and its magnificent scientific, technical and industrial achievements, a dark storm was brewing. Imperial powers around the globe smouldered and a cataclysmic eruption looked unavoidable. Unknown to the world in general however, a Titanic, clandestine struggle was being performed by a strange coalition of inventors, industrialists and dark, unsung heroes, in the vain attempt at avoiding the otherwise inevitable cataclysm of The Great War.

This was territory that had never before been explored. These were the coming powers of the future.

Without the long-suffering and toiling team of devotee navies, clerks, engineers and artisans in the Alchemy UK workshops, none of these great achievements and wonders of the world would have been possible, and the sincere thanks of EER go out to them yet again. However, without the never-flagging desire and demands of our most esteemed patrons, yourselves, there would be no need for us to reach for the skies. So, dear followers and pioneers of the modern world, it is with utmost sincerity that we offer you our humble gratitude and wish you a most colourful future.


Ezekiel Empire Rosenstein
a.k.a. The Alchemist

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