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You are a rare, retrospective witness to a critical, yet little known event in history, known as The Dream Of Upir - Countess Carinthia of Hapsburg's nocturnal premonition of her own, predestined abduction, yet, for entirely different reasons to those believed by her.

Far from being proffered as a mere immortal bride of darkness, the unwitting heiress to the Rex Deus, Mary Magdalene and the Merovingian's bloodline, is dramatically carried-off by Upir Magistus, to the safety of his eternally ordained protection.

Please be presented here with a rich variety of treasures from Alchemy and the esoteric tapestry of human history, including some in special homage to this dark and secretive web of intrigue. Gratitude aplenty to you, supporter of Alchemy and the 'Graal', and to every one of its talented and dedicated retainers and followers of the fraternity who have made this all possible.

The Alchemist

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