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Most Honoured Guest,

As you join me in this Priory of Saint Levantius in the shadow of Montmartre, the veil thins betwixt this world and the next. All Hallow’s Eve is upon us, and we behold a sacrement of tragic beauty. Three blessed maidens that have lain in-extremis since the passing of the age of enlightenment awaken to immortal life.

With them we shall witness the rekindling of the truely sacred aesthetic flame.A blossoming in understanding of the deeper mysteries that allows me to present you with this most extraordinary collection of strangely beautiful amulets and artifacts for the gratification of your dark desires.

It is to my loyal and dedicated fellow initiates of the Order of Levantius that I offer my heartfelt gratitude and to you, my sagacious patrons, that I extend my respect and appreciation.

Blessings be upon you

Cardinal Chiaroscuro de Rosa.
The Alchemist

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