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And prithee enter our temple of discovery and enlightenment, on this, the most auspicious and exciting of occasion, on the very cusp of the Second Epoch.

Never before in the history of the heavenly or terrestrial sciences, have we had such an opportunity to equip and surround ourselves with the rich and extraordinary collection of talismans and artefacts that are so famously offered herein. And indeed, never before has there been such an especial need so to do!

My unqualified gratitude and respect go to all those here who have ceaselessly lived and toiled for the creation, perfection and realisation of this unparalleled collection of essential exotica.

Thanks and reverence especially go to you, our esteemed visionaries and benefactors, without whom our hermetic endeavours would have no purpose.

We hope you enjoy and truly benefit from our efforts.

Tread carefully hence, through The Great Portal of Wisdom.

I bid you farewell, and may your god go with you.

Dr. Quintus Thorn
alias The Alchemist.

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