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Greetings, intuitive and most privileged guest. Prey do enter our company.
You have been beckoned here, along the converging ley-lines to the ancient gates of Chalisbury. Now that you have arrived we humbly invite you to step inside, abandon your secular cares and partake of our festive revelry. Please, look around and sample our vast array of the most unique and exotic wares, lest you should leave without a token of your visit and awake to think that this was but a bizarre dream!

May I thank the rare collection of performers, artists, magicians, artisans, merchants, clerics and chancellors for making this most illustrious and beguiling festivity, the greatest gothic fair in the world. And may we in turn thank you, most honourable guest, for your valued enriching attendance and your loyal support, and hope that you leave our fête étrenge, enlightened and fulfilled.

Until our next meeting at The All Souls Fair,
I bid you ... Adieu!

The Alchemist

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