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Welcome Acolytes,

I bid you solomn greeting, to what is the fifth chapter in the ever illuminating voluminous works of the hand of The Alchemist.

Thanks are once again to be bestowed upon you, the devout and discerning individualists who continually demand still further advances in science and the arts, and who look for me for the fulfilment of their bizaarest dreams. Followers of the Technician of the Lost Arts ( or Acolytes, I hope that in this latest of libris arcanus you will find the “Coup de Maitre” for which you are seeking. Thanks once again to you, and especially to the veteran disciples, many of whom may have been privy to my reincarnation 13 years ago. Thanks are due also to my band of dwarves and hirelings without whom none of the treasures herein could have been made, nor yet despatched.

I leave you once more to your darklit interesting and inspiring alternative twists of lifestyle – Share and enjoy.
Until the next seasons festivities - Adieu!

The Alchemist

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