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Devoirs to all Disciples of the lost Arts.

Welcome to the fourth tomb ‘to be issued from the Cloisters of the Alchemic Laboratory.

Thank you for your loyal and sustained interest in the Alchemy strain of the alternative lifestyle. I hope that the Artifacts, Treasures, Inventions and Discoveries that I have been able to offer you are sufficiently able to gratify your eternal pleasure and wellbeing. I believe that my unique, if sometimes bizarre profferings are of the highest order, and compare in quality and worth to any that can be found in the known World.

I feel obliged to bestow my gratitude upon my unquestioning retinue of dedicated thralls. Throughout my toil, I have been skilfully and ceaselessly assisted by my fortunate band of mutated hirelings from the furnace, and mortally devoted clerical servants in the vault offisium.

To them, Respect.
To you, devotees of the Arts everywhere, Salute!

The Alchemist

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