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LGW 1Loups Garou/Werewolf: Shapeshifting humans popular in mythology and folklore, also known as lycanthropes. Able to transform themselves into a wolf, or a human form with anthropomorphic, lupine features, these cursed individuals were most often subjected to a bite or scratch from another werewolf in order to gain their gifts. Blessed with heightened strength and senses and only able to shift on the rising of the full moon, werewolves remain dominant figures in the realms of Gothic horror for their savage demeanours. However, it remains to be seen as to whether they are truly evil creatures or, as some believe, the hounds of God sent down to do battle with witches and demons. Individuals with epilepsy were often thought to mistakenly have lycanthropy, and in medieval Europe, methods such as surgery and medicine were used to attempt to cure it. Some were even executed and their bodies cremated, the better to stop them from rising again as vampires. While crucifixes and holy water have no effect on the beasts, only silver weapons seem to cause the werewolf any harm, most commonly in the form of bullets.

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