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OOTD 1Order of the Dragon, The: A sinister, 15th century elite society founded by Sigismund, King of Hungary and primarily intended for members of the Balkan nobility. All initiates, or Draconists, took the public stance of protecting the innocent. However, their true calling was to ‘crush’ the enemies of Christianity – in particular the Ottoman Turks, under fear that they would expand their empire.

In 1408 the foundations were laid for what is known as the Order of the Dragon, taking the legendary dragon-slayer St. George as their patron saint, as well as the red cross and the ouroboros (ancient serpent/dragon) as their symbols.

All members were Sigismund’s allies and strongest supporters, required to swear loyalty to the king, queen and all royal endeavours. Vlad Dracul, duke of Wallachia, was eventually inducted in order to protect his domain from the invading Ottoman Empire and gain favour with the Catholic Church. After his death in 1447, his son Vlad Tepesch - better known as Vlad the Impaler – took up the defence of Wallachia. While never a true Draconist, many members of the order saw him as very much his father’s son, christening him as the ‘son of the dragon’; Dracula, in Romanian.


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