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After a year’s hard toil and an ardent flourishing of skills and talent, cast-lead punk badges began to develop into more refined artefacts and an inspired creation emerged from this fateful crucible of arcane. Eventually emerged the first bronze skull ring.

This embryonic skull evolved into its own distinct form; then came alive.

With a manna of its own it metamorphosed into pewter.

From within it’s sculpted essence there came a transformation, the fermentation of a soul into a mysterious and intellectual entity. This haunting, immortal remains, poignantly revealing a black rose to be its symbol of perfection and achievement, began to communicate its awesome powers to the credulous pair of young artisans. Inexorably, the two unlikely students of destiny were drawn to become the willing, empirical acolytes of the omnipotent Alchemist.

‘The Alembic’, the laboratory, studios and pewter workshops of Alchemy Gothic, has grown-up in the town of its origin and with the unparalleled dedication of the Acolytes of The Alchemist, has faithfully served The Creator and His loyal disciples ever since.

Ancient, sacred and mystical messages have been ciphered into the tangible world, through an arcane parallel plane of existence populated by the occult, spectral spirits of history, by the creation of the art and artefacts of Alchemy Gothic. This is the aesthetic and the science of truth.

The Alchemist, guardian of the greatest secret, angel of knowledge, deliverer of the messiah, traces his lineage back to the Garden of Eden, through the philosophers and the mysteries of the ancient world, the zenith of medieval religious fervour and alchemy, the birth of science in the Age of Enlightenment and the gothic revival of the Victorian era, and finally to the Alchemy Gothic workshops. Here, the fountain of cognition may slake the thirst of erudition.

The history of Alchemy Gothic will never end.

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