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AAG27 Chalice of the Last Judgement

This truly magnificent craftsmen made pewter chalice weighs a full 2 ½lb (110g) and stands an imposing 9 ½" (246mm) high. Its implicit theme is in commemoration of the Archangel Michael's victory over Satan on the Day of Judgement in the Biblical 'War in Heaven', while its form was inspired by an original C19th design by the inimitable A. N. Pugin.

The elegantly shaped bowl has been spun then mechanically engraved while the stem, its large and intricate knop and uniquely proportioned base are formed from eight separate, ambitious castings that are then skilfully hand assembled and soldered to become one commanding piece. Each chalice is then separately patinated and expertly hand polished before finally being set with 24 complementary Swarowski crystals.


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