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The items displayed below have been discontinued from the official Alchemy product range and as a result can no longer be supplied.
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CWT40 - Love Beyond The Grave
Intimity-Glass A magnificently impressive ‘chandelieric' centrepiece d'amour and an undeniably emotive proclamation of dark and eternal affection. Set amongst the exuberant, classic acanthus leaf base, the turned central holder takes a 2” (50mm) dia. church candle, while each of the two revenant hands demonstrably holds a crystal-tipped wine glass in unquestionable service to their master/mistress. This glorious hand-made masterpiece of design and artistry comprises 13 separate castings, solderassembled and hand polished to a rich, antique lustre and weighing a full 4.85lb,(2.2kg). 11” (293mm) long x 7” (192mm) wide x 8” (224mm) high.

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