"Résonance" collection

Manuela Biocca and Alchemy Gothic united for a special collection.

Once more, steampunk, dandy and dark romanticism are in favour. This dark collection with modern shapes are enhanced with touches of light brought by Alchemy adornments and Swarovski crystals.

At we hope to bring you the best of Alchemy Gothic art and products but we also wish to give our members a chance to contribute.

Currently registered members can upload images into two of our galleries (Alchemy & You, Alchemy Limelight) and chat using the Alchemy Gothic forum.  For supporting Alchemy Gothic and contributing to we have put together a points reward system.

What are points used for?

Earned points will give you access to a variety of special features




Points Type Details
1 Daily Login Login to the site each day for 1pt
1 Read Article Earn points by browsing the articles in this site.
1 Post Reply Post an message in the Alchemy Gothic Forum.
2 New Topic Start a new topic of conversation in the Alchemy Gothic Forum.
5 Add Image Add an image to one of our user galleries.  For each published image you will receive 5pts.  Galleries can be found here.
5 User Invite Use the invite a friend feature and should your friend register at then you will receive 5pts.



Ranks are awarded as you earn more points.  In the future we may introduce features that are only available to higher ranking members.

The current user ranks available are listed below to see who has earned the most points and ranks click here;

Title Points Icon
Archon 100


Savant 30


Acolyte 11



Alchemy Gothic News:

Visit regularly to keep up to date with new alchemy gothic features and news. Recently updated sections include...

  1. RAFFLE: Our members raffle is underway.  Check out the prizes and find out how to enter here.
  2. UL17 sneak preview: Take a look at the brand new UL17 range from Alchemy (registered users only)!
  3. METAL HAMMER GOLDEN GODS 2009. The ultimate metal award ceremony sponsored by Alchemy.
  4. NEW GOTHIC ART: Be amongst the first to view our latest artworks.
  5. Alchemy Gothic downloads updated with new wallpapers.
  6. Almanac, Alchemy Gothics very own calendar of events updated for the full year.
  7. Alchemy Limelight : New feature - add images of alchemy gothic being worn by the stars.
    Coming soon, special benefits for registered Alchemy Gothic members through the Order of Algoth.


The Order of AlGoth


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•    Learn about the latest new Alchemy products, before they are released!
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