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Delve into the history of the Alchemy Gothic Catalogues, new and old. Read The Alchemists passionate words for each unique catalogue.
(All Catalogues were released in September of each year unless otherwise stated)

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2018 Night of the Lunacalia


Night of the Lunacalia

She was lost, intoxicated by her self-induced reverie, bathed in the consummating glow of the full moon and enwreathed in the sonorous aura of a host of timeless goddesses. Such reverential visitants were at last invoked with the precious intervention of Grimalkin, feline shadow of Macbeth's fateful oracle.

Her unfading search for love and spiritual fulfilment is on the verge of attainment on this, the night of her Lunacalia, through her deep knowledge and devotion to the diva triformis and the goddess Luna herself. One last phase of her Selenian ritual must be performed to be finally inducted into the magic of amour. The guttering candles expire, and only she knows what must now be done...


We are, now, firmly established in our very own 200-plus year-old new home, the venerable Saint Mary's Mill, a great 18th century building that replaced numerous incarnations on this site going back at least as far as the Norman King William's Doomsday Book of 1086. This site, just outside Leicester, England, sits overlooking the ancient, meandering River Soar with its willow trees and wildlife, just as it ever did upon its resourceful little island. Our small and diligent team of artists, craftsmen and service crew are proud to be working creatively for you - our unique and select group of customers who appreciate our opus, and we would like to thank you, again, for your unswerving support and patronage over Alchemy's 40-plus year career. We hope to never disappoint you and wish to continue satisfactorily serving you for aeons to come.

Your humble servant,

The Alchemist


2017 Rose Arcana

A Desiccated petal, fallen from the garland of history.

From the highest shelf of a low and claustrophobic warren of an unremarkable secondhand bookshop, a small, mouldering leather-bound bible tumbles down. Between the pages of Deuteronomy 18:9-12 lies the solitary relic of a hand painted card.

Subsequent research reveals this to be a rare surviver from the tarot deck commissioned by the Earl of Ravenspurgh in the late 17th century and widely thought to represent his wife, Lady Kamila, the Countess of Ravenspurgh. The Earl, who possessed a keen interest in the arcane, was known to be passionately and assiduously devoted to his beautiful and eternally youthful consort, despite her notoriety in the local belief that the Countess possessed both schizophrenic and nocturnal tendencies. An irrepressibly dedicated gardener, Kamila was said to have cultivated her own species of rose of the purest, midnight black, a bouquet of which she personally presented at court to King Charles II

We are a small, fervent team of artists, craftsmen and service crew and we are happily, newly based in our magnificent 18th century mill, outside Leicester, England. From our low beginnings in a one-room bedsit, and after 40 years of belonging to the Alternative Community and privileged to be designing and manufacturing treasures that we can all wear and use, we are humbled by your support, to which we owe our continued existence. Thank you on and all for your enthusiasm towards Alchemy and everything that we enjoy doing; we hop that we will never let you down and that we will be able to satisfy your wishes far in to the future.

Gratifyingly yours,

The Alchemist


2016 Masque of the Black Rose

27 miles north-west of Bucharest, Wallachia, August, 1867:
150 years ago, a glance into the great mirror of the long gallery of the lost Rovine Palace reveals very little. This, because the distinguished guests attending the legendary masquerade ball there, deep into the night on the feast of St. Levantius, were said to be, largely, revenants; a noble, boyar vampire tryst, where the dark patricians of immortality revelled in a lavish night of pure sensuality.

And by a spectral turn of coincidence, Alchemy England shares that same epoch with the exalted event of our 40th Anniversary, to be joined in celebration by all with an ardently darker side to their beings.

We are a small, but passionate company, and we have enjoyed being your humble servants of alternative ostentation for this exalted time and hope to continue to provide our darkly dedicated service to you for a very long time to come... with your loyal support. We thank you most sincerely for your patronage and enthusiasm, and we look forward to serving you in centuries to come.

Fervently yours,

The Alchemist
(a.k.a. St. Levantius)


2015 Rosa Noctis

The paradigm of virtue, perfection and honour, as mystical and as rare as the eponymous black rose of the night, of which there is only one, and blooming just once, on the rise of the Rose Moon of June. Painted on board, in the true Pre-Raphaelite traditions of mediaeval romanticism, natural realism and spiritual integrity instilled by the likes of Millais, Hunt, Rossetti and Dilley, the Rosa Noctis radiates the principles of a wondrous and magical era.

The words 'Thank You' are simply inadequate to properly express our appreciation of all of our customers and fans, everywhere, for supporting Alchemy since 1977 and giving us the opportunity to express and enjoy ourselves in our efforts to create the things we love. We know that we are in a minority and that we are often misunderstood, but we believe that our darkly mysterious community is special. And we enrich each other and society in general with our Delphic notions, our arcane activities and imaginative expressions - the World would be a very dull place without you! So, 'Thank You' all.

And while I have voice, I sincerely have to applaud all of the wonderful, passionate managers and staff, the uniquely skilled artisans and the immensely talented and dedicated artists, model makers and creative genii of the Alchemy crucible for the continuing successful development of this irrepressible tradition, and now a great institution.


The Alchemist


2014 The Coronation of Coraxia

From an early 16th Century ceiling painting discovered in a small underground chapel at Einsiedeln Abbey, Schwyz, the cover scene depicts the investiture of the Corvus Regina, or Raven Queen where in the ancient, intoxicated pagan ceremony, Furavis, son of Orcus, crowns the princess with a black rose diadem and bestows upon her the dark secrets of
Prophecy and Divinity.

We would like to say a big “Thank you” to all of Alchemy’s followers, for supporting us in our quest to serve the alternative communities, worldwide, since 1977, with our abundantly creative cascade of dark and curious merchandise. And once again, this is the best opportunity to show our appreciation and gratitude to all of Alchemy’s loyal, hard-working and immensely skilled and talented staff, for making each year’s collection so original and indispensable.


2013 Morta Hari and the Vampires of the Moulin Rouge

Following Dracula's ill fated endeavour to colonise London in 1893, he successfully solicits and infects the most beguiling courtesans of the time, in an audacious attempt to infiltrate its greatest rival, Paris.

Greetings, and congratulations to all you distinguished, extraordinary people !

Thank you for following our enduring development - continuing our ulterior story from 1977. 'Alchemy England 1977' is now the panoptic branding for all of Alchemy's alternative lifestyle design innovations, which is always the real 'us', and closest to our hearts ... (we design and make things for others, too !). Once again, it is all displayed here for you, together in this one volume.

This year's cover story is 'The Vampires of the Moulin Rouge', a more sexy vision of decadence and seduction I defy any red - blooded person to imagine. And tantalisingly, it is this suggestion of dark fantasy that has, of course, influenced Alchemy's latest innovative collection of unique, original jewellery, accessories and giftware; (we design it, others imitate it !).

For those interesting and daring enough to be seen and singled out from the crowd in eloquent style, which probably is all of you browsing this digest, or who may be looking for that awesomely different gift to be remembered for, our stunning new range of around 50 original Alchemy designs will almost certainly include at least one 'must-have' piece and some 'antiques' of the future.

Again, after 35 years, and many of you being original Alchemy customers, we would like to stress our serious and eternal gratitude for your loyal support, and assistance in developing our collections in what Alfred Wallace might call 'evolution'. We owe you our existence and will always be grateful.

We also owe our existence to Alchemy's immense and irreplaceable staff, in all areas, from skilled artisan to loyal sales exec, and hope that you all join us in showing our appreciation for their dedication.

Salute !


2012 35th Anniversary Edition ...

Dedicated adherents of the less conventional urban cultures, i.e,'alternatives', will be aware that alchemy have been designing and producing lifestyle accessories covering many different genres, for an unprecedented three and a half decades. now, for the first time since we began and for the benefit of everyone, we have put all of our current collections into one, single catalogue publication. this, therefore, is the first 'alchemy1977' alternative lifestyle catalogue! Divided into generic sections, it is very easy for you to find your flavour.

As always, we have to thank you, our patrons and followers, for supporting us and allowing us the opportunity of indulging ourselves with our splendidly irregular product design and artwork, dedicated to your pleasure. without your eccentrically incisive interest and, of course, your custom, we would have neither the incentive nor the resources to earnestly perform to your gratification. thanks also are whole-heartedly proffered to our most wonderful team of young and veteran artisans and staff who are the heart of Alchemy1977,



2011 Rose Des Folies ...

Our loyal and long-term followers will not have failed to notice the temperamental change in the general appearance of this, our 17th, dedicated ‘Alchemy Gothic’ catalogue - the latest step towards aesthetic transcendence. Prior to this and since 1984 the original collection was established as ‘Alchemy Metal-Wear’ ; born in the Dark Ages and of the ancient fires of Weyland’s forge - times change, and with it, the evolution of extraordinary design.

‘Deco Gothique’ is the latest development from Alchemy Studios’ creative minds; a unique fusion between the exotic, classic 1920’s vintage paradigm and the dark recesses of cognitive morbidity. Now, Alchemy 1977, the UK’s all-round alternative lifestyle couturier, offers you its experienced creative craftsmanship and a much enhanced choice to assist you to refine and indulge your own personal tastes.

By popular demand ‘Alchemy Gothic’, per-se, has developed and moved-on to create the World’s most original, exciting and sophisticated, alternative fashion jewellery, as you will discover within! Old-school, hard core metal and noise, however, has not been neglected; flip the alternative culture coin, and this year Alchemy is celebrating the spectacular restoration of its classic, testosterone-charged Alchemy Metal-Wear collection, with a classic new catalogue of metal-focused accessories including a host of brand new hard and edgy designs. The Alchemist has a rendezvous with the past...

Immense thanks go to our tremendously talented, hard working and conscientious gang of artists and designers, production craftsmen and the whole, brilliant team that gets Alchemy out to our customers, for their extraordinary vision, dedication and determination. Alchemy will continue to grow, prosper and provide all the best that can be made as long as these heroes remain at the helm.

Again, we have of course to express our deep appreciation to our amazingly intuitive and supportive followers and customers, for whom we love to dedicate our existence.

Best regards,

(spiritual doyen of Alchemy)


2010 Mortuo Ergo Sum ...

In rare moments, when Her Majesty's government might be paralysed by some crippling and mysterious paradox, or an impending diplomatic crisis is in desperate need of averting for want of some resourceful dialectics, or the royal household itself may be threatened by a potentially destabilising, insoluble polemic, there is only one name heard mentioned, sub rosa, that might be indubitably trusted to resolve the imbroglio - Septimus Thorn Esquire; London's distinguished, occult and only consulting philosopher.

In the early years of the reign of the yet-innocent and naive Queen Victoria, insidious predators constantly circled. Iniquitous forces gathered in the wings, awaiting the first opportunity to pounce. Without the omniscient presence of our clandestine metaphysician, all could well have been lost.

In this, (2010), a year of unparalleled trials and adversity, our uniquely loyal and affectionate team at Alchemy, veterans and neophytes alike, from the studios to the offices and factory, have selflessly demonstrated their unprecedented dedication, confidence and determination, and their stunning skills and abilities. We are truly honoured and will be for ever grateful. This new generation has graduated with distinction and will take Alchemy's arts on to new heights, will find new adherents and great new opportunities. The coming dawn is bright!

Finally, we must again humbly thank our many customers and followers around the world and we hope to continue to serve you well, in perpetuity.

On behalf of:

Septimus Thorne
a.k.a. The Alchemist


2009 Where angels fear to fly...

Beneath the glittering surface of the Empire’s glorious expansion and its magnificent scientific, technical and industrial achievements, a dark storm was brewing. Imperial powers around the globe smouldered and a cataclysmic eruption looked unavoidable. Unknown to the world in general however, a Titanic, clandestine struggle was being performed by a strange coalition of inventors, industrialists and dark, unsung heroes, in the vain attempt at avoiding the otherwise inevitable cataclysm of The Great War.

This was territory that had never before been explored. These were the coming powers of the future.

Without the long-suffering and toiling team of devotee navies, clerks, engineers and artisans in the Alchemy UK workshops, none of these great achievements and wonders of the world would have been possible, and the sincere thanks of EER go out to them yet again. However, without the never-flagging desire and demands of our most esteemed patrons, yourselves, there would be no need for us to reach for the skies. So, dear followers and pioneers of the modern world, it is with utmost sincerity that we offer you our humble gratitude and wish you a most colourful future.


Ezekiel Empire Rosenstein
a.k.a. The Alchemist


2008 Shadow Duel

William Spencer, after long suffering many “full sore wounds”, was caught and ruthlessly hanged in 1729, a convicted highwayman, and vengefully disposed of in a shallow grave at the foot of the gallows which mercifully took his last breath.

Elizabeth Page, his lover and first wife, illicitly recovered Will's sad remains, and paid dearly to have him falsely interred in hallowed ground.

Now, William Spencer, alias ‘Shadow of the Rose', alias Amzer, walks the earth again redeemed and immortal and ready to ply his dark trade afresh, but for a new and unseen master.

Thanks a-plenty go once again to the rabble of swashbuckling vagrants that make-up the Alchemy team of artists, craftsmen and clerical miracle-workers, and we hope that you enjoy the fruits of our passionate labours, shown within, as much as we enjoyed creating and delivering them all to you.

And to you, our very select and discerning clientele, go our greatest thanks, as without your appreciation, criticism and custom, there would never be any Alchemy. Adieu and Enjoy!


2007 Dans Macabre

Soon after the strike of midnight, the distant, eerie strains of a Guarneri violin were heard coming from beneath the ancient, dead yew tree and there, the morass of unhallowed ground seethed slowly into life, with the decomposing, forsaken remains of the past deceased. Here, in this woeful landscape of wretchedness, swayed the necromantic maestro, Christian de la Mort, playing the unearthly sounds of the Danse Macabre, playing out this medieval allegory of the unifying force of death, intimately conjoining both the condemned and the Glory of the World alike.

Here, across the following pages, will be shown a rare and unique collection of rich abundance, from jewellery and printed apparel to interior décor, and from the medieval to the decadant.

For this, I must offer my sincerest gratitude to the artists, artisans, clerks and Treasurer of Alchemy for their unending dedication and commitment, and to all of you, who are our raison d’etre.

Christian de la Mort
a.k.a. The Alchemist


2006 Dream of Upir

You are a rare, retrospective witness to a critical, yet little known event in history, known as The Dream Of Upir - Countess Carinthia of Hapsburg's nocturnal premonition of her own, predestined abduction, yet, for entirely different reasons to those believed by her.

Far from being proffered as a mere immortal bride of darkness, the unwitting heiress to the Rex Deus, Mary Magdalene and the Merovingian's bloodline, is dramatically carried-off by Upir Magistus, to the safety of his eternally ordained protection.

Please be presented here with a rich variety of treasures from Alchemy and the esoteric tapestry of human history, including some in special homage to this dark and secretive web of intrigue. Gratitude aplenty to you, supporter of Alchemy and the 'Graal', and to every one of its talented and dedicated retainers and followers of the fraternity who have made this all possible.

The Alchemist


2005 All Hallows Eve

Most Honoured Guest,

As you join me in this Priory of Saint Levantius in the shadow of Montmartre, the veil thins betwixt this world and the next. All Hallow’s Eve is upon us, and we behold a sacrement of tragic beauty. Three blessed maidens that have lain in-extremis since the passing of the age of enlightenment awaken to immortal life.

With them we shall witness the rekindling of the truely sacred aesthetic flame.A blossoming in understanding of the deeper mysteries that allows me to present you with this most extraordinary collection of strangely beautiful amulets and artifacts for the gratification of your dark desires.

It is to my loyal and dedicated fellow initiates of the Order of Levantius that I offer my heartfelt gratitude and to you, my sagacious patrons, that I extend my respect and appreciation.

Blessings be upon you

Cardinal Chiaroscuro de Rosa.
The Alchemist


2004 The Dissolution of Hell

Welcome to your window on Armageddon.

You arrive precisely to witness the crescendo of a momentous struggle against the cohorts of evil; this thunderous, draconic manifestation of the devil, come again at this time from the depths of iniquity to attempt to sever the last tenuous thread of life from the ancient and sacred line of David.

I am the convert guardian of the Sangrail, evoked from the inimical underworld by the agents of Yahweh at this their time of greatest peril, and together with my legion of angels of stone will extirpate this nefarious onslaught on humanity. Time, dedication and conscience have equipped me with profound strength, wisdom and the powers of the forbidden, arcane arts, and duty has delivered me to this violated, hallowed place of ultimate battle.

Drawing on my powers on necromancy, I breathe amuletic life into the host of dormant, divine monuments and in a chaotic moment of eternity and with brutal, golemic ferocity the last defence aquit their immortal duty. The Diabolis is vanquished, for another aeon..

Once again, my unqualified thanksgiving goes to my cardinal collection of fossilised effigies labouring for the good within the walls of the alembic, and to you, our unswerving flock of acolytes, for supporting our worthy cause.

I bid you adieu,

Albrecht Magistus
alias The Alchemist


2003 In the Garden of Lost Souls

Good evening revenants,

In our lifetimes we all seek something. Just as with countless mortals, I seek passion; I search for my escorte eternelle, my maitresse defunts. I hunger for that affinitive catalyst to my imminent, hermetic union.

My quest takes me to less genial venues than for most, and at less comely hours. My haunts are amoung the sepulchres and the tombstones. My companions are the silent bats and unseen creatures that rustle through ivy and undergrowth.

I must find her. If I am to overcome the prevailing powers of darkness that permeate from the forested mountains of the Balkans, I must empower my immortality. I will search until I elicit and liberate my beckoning consort. I will initiate her to the Rites of Undeath and finally, conjoin with her to form our sacred, holistic ensemble in the Chemical Wedding.

I must express my eternal gratitude to those who have assisted and supported me in this relentless task and given me the strength and purpose to continue.

Your servant,

Count Albrecht Magistus
alias The Alchemist.


2002 Opus Magnus

I am the instrument of The Creator. If I am to fulfil the inimitable charge laid upon me by Him, as I have long since sworn to do, I have first to redeem myself, to become worthy of Him and His children and purge my very soul.

On this day, by His grace I have so attained this state. I have done the manifestly impossible; turned lead into gold, cultivated the perfect black rose, transformed my base self into the purest of souls; I have achieved the Opus Magnus...

The Greatest Work.

From this day on, I am armed with the sword and the shield, the courage and the wit to do His bidding for all mankind and undauntingly accomplish The Mission.

By the grace of Our Creator, this is my testament. Unlimited gratitude and blessings go to my accomplices and followers, without whom The Mission would always be beyond attainment.

Your humble servant,
The Alchemist.


2001 Whitechapel Messiah

Good evening, my chosen fiducial conspirators,

My little game of deception, despite intense public scrutiny, seems to have worked successfully now for over 100 years without fear of detection. And I know that I may trust in you to maintain the utmost of discretion in this most delicate of matters; and this, can be taken as my confession.

Had I not done what I did back in 1888, in the dark, squalid back streets and alleys of London’s East End, life for all of us would be very different today.

My name is Sir Mortimer Windsor and following a highly confidential security alert in November 1879 at Great Scotland Yard, I was appointed Royal Privy Convoy and Physician to the Family in Residence.

Had I failed to perform my grisly work so efficiently and effectively, the forces of darkness would have succeeded in casting a long shadow over history. The ‘ladies of the night’ were in fact vampires, who preyed on the wanton vulnerability of the Saxe-Coburg-Gotha’s male strain, to infiltrate and convert Victorian Britain’s royal family forever.

So you see, I had to do it. Didn’t I?
And I think that now you will be grateful. Won’t you?
Until the next time, I remain your most dedicated servant,

Sir Mortimer Windsor, FRS… Alias The Alchemist née Amzer

P.S. Without my undercover team of subversives, my essential work would not have been possible. To them, (they know who they are), and to you my unwitting patrons, I say thank you.


2000 Heights of Librarius

Greetings, fellow erudite aesthetes.

My name is Alexander Farthing, Librarius Occultus, enigmatic founder and eternal bibliographer incognita to the Great Library of Chalisbury, the most influential collection of documented wisdom since Alexandria itself. I fleetingly take leave of my duties, from the endless preoccupation of my subterranean sanctuary, to welcome you to this celebrated volume, the latest and most rewarding of the Alchemy Gothic liberri magnus.

I briefly have to thank you for your unique intellectual foresight and taste in your discovery, but also to my sweating group of gifted and dedicated artisan servants, for creating this vast dark treasury of decadence.

Stimulate your cognition, enrich your senses. Enjoy!

Alexander Farthing
a.k.a. The Alchemist


1999 The Second Epoch


And prithee enter our temple of discovery and enlightenment, on this, the most auspicious and exciting of occasion, on the very cusp of the Second Epoch.

Never before in the history of the heavenly or terrestrial sciences, have we had such an opportunity to equip and surround ourselves with the rich and extraordinary collection of talismans and artefacts that are so famously offered herein. And indeed, never before has there been such an especial need so to do!

My unqualified gratitude and respect go to all those here who have ceaselessly lived and toiled for the creation, perfection and realisation of this unparalleled collection of essential exotica.

Thanks and reverence especially go to you, our esteemed visionaries and benefactors, without whom our hermetic endeavours would have no purpose.

We hope you enjoy and truly benefit from our efforts.

Tread carefully hence, through The Great Portal of Wisdom.

I bid you farewell, and may your god go with you.

Dr. Quintus Thorn
alias The Alchemist.


1998 Chalisbury All Souls Fair

Greetings, intuitive and most privileged guest. Prey do enter our company.
You have been beckoned here, along the converging ley-lines to the ancient gates of Chalisbury. Now that you have arrived we humbly invite you to step inside, abandon your secular cares and partake of our festive revelry. Please, look around and sample our vast array of the most unique and exotic wares, lest you should leave without a token of your visit and awake to think that this was but a bizarre dream!

May I thank the rare collection of performers, artists, magicians, artisans, merchants, clerics and chancellors for making this most illustrious and beguiling festivity, the greatest gothic fair in the world. And may we in turn thank you, most honourable guest, for your valued enriching attendance and your loyal support, and hope that you leave our fête étrenge, enlightened and fulfilled.

Until our next meeting at The All Souls Fair,
I bid you ... Adieu!

The Alchemist


1997 The Hall of Spectral Delights

Good evening, intrepid travellers. Inquisitors into the dark realms of the timeless unknown.

You are of course, most welcome guests to Alembic Hall & the frightening wealth of incalculable, undisturbed treasures that lie within it’s unnaturally charged domain. It’s caché of secret knowledge & forbidden pleasures, simultaneously known like banshees beckoning your attention & appear tantalisingly within your grasp.

Beware, as for mortals have entered this place, this centuries old sink-hole of arcane ethereal energy, & departed with their spiritus anima, or their sanity intact.

I am indebted to my dungeon of tortured but dedicated souls, toiling to indulge your unquestionable fantasies.

We salute you, for believing in us. For without you we do not exist. Your breath is inside us & your material desire our life’s blood.

Be my guest & partake of the forbidden fruits, & enjoy your stay in the Hall of Spectral Delights.

With trepidatious regards & eternal respect.


1996 Dr von Rosenstein's Art of Science

Do you want to know the secret of Life itself?
Do you believe in Post Mortem Cognitive Transfer?
Have you ever heard of the 'Induction Principle'?
Did history include you in its teachings of the existence of the very venerable Dr von Rosenstein?

Enter an ancient stone tower amidst the wretched squalor of Venezia's back street hovels, on this black storm-lashed night. Step down, into the cellar. Into the place where magic and the arts are turned into...

Greetings, students and observers of the hermetic sciences.

Welcome to this most recent chronicle of developments in the secret history of man and his eternal struggle for the achievement of the higher state, through the reciprocal maturity of the Lost Arts.

You will find within, many strangely beautiful artefacts, legacies of the toils of the devout servants of the Pandectes Philosophiae. These bountiful treasures are now yours for the asking, and it is to my loyal and dedicated retainers and talented artisans that I offer our heart-felt gratitude, and to you, our extraordinary sagacious initiates and patrons, that we extend our respect and appreciation.

Yours, en sobriquet, for ever and ever,

The Alchemist.


1995 Alchemy By Gaslight

Salutations, fellow adepts and acolytes.

You are the one of the privileged chosen few to have providentially acquired this latest treasury of unique and priceless relics.

Each strange and wonderful item is charged with latent magical powers from the hands of the cloistered scribes of servitude and the devout sweating thralls who forged them in The Alchemist’s den. It is these dedicated disciples of the alternative path of righteousness to which both me and thee owe their unbridled gratitude.

I present to you the treasures of the past, the pleasures of the present, and the antiques of tomorrow.

I remain your most humble servant,

The Alchemist


Spring 1995 Grim Sage

From around the 12th Century and on throughout the Mediaeval, Renaissance and later periods, a powerful belief in, and fear of the Reaper commonly existed. His dispassionate duty, a pragmatic and egalitarian necessity.

The inevitable destiny of mortal man inexorably shadows his journey through life, until they finally meet at the dark crossroads, to become one. Known ambiguously in the past as the Grim Reaper or Death, the philosophical arbitrator of man's imperious fate to Chthonia, the underworld, is in fact, the Grim Sage. To his impartial wisdom and guidance do we owe our final subjection. Heed his omega call, for his sapience is true.


1994 The Light of Chaldea

Welcome Acolytes,

I bid you solomn greeting, to what is the fifth chapter in the ever illuminating voluminous works of the hand of The Alchemist.

Thanks are once again to be bestowed upon you, the devout and discerning individualists who continually demand still further advances in science and the arts, and who look for me for the fulfilment of their bizaarest dreams. Followers of the Technician of the Lost Arts ( or Acolytes, I hope that in this latest of libris arcanus you will find the “Coup de Maitre” for which you are seeking. Thanks once again to you, and especially to the veteran disciples, many of whom may have been privy to my reincarnation 13 years ago. Thanks are due also to my band of dwarves and hirelings without whom none of the treasures herein could have been made, nor yet despatched.

I leave you once more to your darklit interesting and inspiring alternative twists of lifestyle – Share and enjoy.
Until the next seasons festivities - Adieu!

The Alchemist


1992 Acolytes Cross

Devoirs to all Disciples of the lost Arts.

Welcome to the fourth tomb ‘to be issued from the Cloisters of the Alchemic Laboratory.

Thank you for your loyal and sustained interest in the Alchemy strain of the alternative lifestyle. I hope that the Artifacts, Treasures, Inventions and Discoveries that I have been able to offer you are sufficiently able to gratify your eternal pleasure and wellbeing. I believe that my unique, if sometimes bizarre profferings are of the highest order, and compare in quality and worth to any that can be found in the known World.

I feel obliged to bestow my gratitude upon my unquestioning retinue of dedicated thralls. Throughout my toil, I have been skilfully and ceaselessly assisted by my fortunate band of mutated hirelings from the furnace, and mortally devoted clerical servants in the vault offisium.

To them, Respect.
To you, devotees of the Arts everywhere, Salute!

The Alchemist


Spring 1992 Pendargon

Alchemy is the most fundamental of the ancient secret arts. In the finest traditions of the medieval craftsmen, both magic and mortal, Alchemy offers you a cache of treasure, hand modelled made and finished at theAdepts Sanctuary in the heart of England. Dedicated artisans from artists and sculptors, to casters and leatherworkers, work ceaselessly in English Pewter, Bronze, hide and other rich traditional materials, to bring you an ever greater range of the best wares in the Kingdom - The Original Alchemy.


1989 In Search of the Black Rose

Greetings Advocati,

Welcome to the second Alchymic Tabularum, which I sincerely hope is received with as much pleasure as was in the offering.

I would like to thank all Alchemy customers everywhere, for helping me to succeed in the germination and growth of the Artis Arcanum - The Secret Art.

For those who are new initiates into Alchemy, I hope you consider your discovery to be fulfilling and gratifying, and to everyone, my wish is to serve you faithfully and eternally.

The Alchemist.


Spring 1989 The Revival of the Lost Arts

Leaflet describing:

Alchemy Metal-wear: Hand crafted pewter and bronze, gothic jewellery.

Alchemy battle-dress: Tee shirts and accessories of the distinct genre.

Alchemy Ardware: Practical things, with style and quality.

Alchemy Ersier: Covert operations, mens formal dress accessories.

Alchemy Sinistrus: Objects for arcane and aesthetic pleasure.


1988 Alchemy Metal Wear

The Archaic and the Arcane combined to create this exciting original concept of metal-wear. Alchemy enigmatic, bizarre and Fantastic - is on its own.

Hand made by traditional methods, using the ancient metals of pewter and bronze. Alchemy metal-wear - unique individual designs for unique individuals.


1987 Alchemy Metal wear

Hi, Alchemy Customers.

Welcome at long last to the first Alchemy Metal-Wear Colour Catalogue. Especially to the original two and a half thousand who subscribed to this fabled tome up to two years ago, and have waited patiently until now for its arrival. To you, a special thanks, and I hope you think it’s been worth the wait.

To all new customers, who may be seeing Alchemy for the first time, I hope you share in the same pleasures and treasures as those who have gone before.

Alchemy owes its existence and its evolution over the last four year to it’s loyal retainers, and I hope in turn I can continue to serve you well.

The Alchemist.


1984 Alchemy Metal Wear

The very first Alchemy catalogue.

The Archaic and the Arcane combined to create this exciting original concept of metal-wear. Alchemy enigmatic, bizarre and Fantastic - is on its own.

Hand made by traditional methods, using the ancient metals of pewter and bronze. Alchemy metal-wear - unique individual designs for unique individuals.

The expanding Alchemy range will include pendants, rings, buckles, brooches, bracelets, earrings and more.

Special features include personalised pieces and numbered limited editions.

Alchemy Metal-Wear - inexpensive accessories.

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