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Would you really want to be immortal?

12 years 2 weeks ago #36564 by Paul
Have a good think about it! Initially i thought 'yes, of course i would', but then the more i thought about it i slowly came to the conclusion that 'no, it would be too painful'. What i mean by that is, having to go through the pain of watching other people grow up and pass away, generation after generation after generation.
After hundreds or even thousands of years you might actually get used to it, in a funny sort of way, but i don't think so, and i shall never know.

When all of your wishes are granted, many of your dreams will be destroyed.

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12 years 2 weeks ago #36568 by iHauntTheSepulchre
I'd only do it if I could take a couple of people with me. Otherwise it would be too lonely...

Death's kiss was soft as rose petals...

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12 years 2 weeks ago #36569 by black_magnolia
I was thinking about merging this thread with an old one, as I remembered we discussed something like this a long time ago, but then I saw that in fact the whole discussion there was based on weather you would willingly get turned to a vampire or not (thus becoming immortal):

Here we are just speaking about plain immortality, no other super powers, no other restrictions like being a vampire.

Hmmm... I wouldn't want to become immortal, at least I think so now. (I've been in a pretty gloomy/doomy mood the past week, so I'm having issues with one life and thinking about an eternity is giving me a headache.)

An immortal life would be cool as you could be part of the future and just know a lot of things and constantly learn and discover new things. People change and go in and out from one's life, so I wouldn't be too hurt having to see my loved ones go as I'd know that's a part of life.

The thing that would only scare me about immortality is if I would be able to adapt to the new worlds I would come to, and evolution. Imagine you lived for 10 000 years - where would the human race be then? How would humans look? Could someone from this century live among those people then? Imagine a Neanderthal becoming immortal back in their time and living till now... :S

To see a world in a Grain of Sand,
And a Heaven in a Wild Flower,
Hold Infinity in the palm of your hand,
And eternity in an hour.

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12 years 2 weeks ago #36573 by cemwerewolf
An immortal life is definitely a tempting thing. I always feel that there will never be enough time to do the things I want to and being immortal would definitely alleviate that concern. But I would only want it if certain other people were as well. I couldn't picture such a long future without my family or close friends at my side.

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12 years 2 weeks ago #36574 by Morgana
I would say yes, but only if my husband was immortal as well, and as long as we were exempt from illness. I know if you're immortal you couldn't die, but there are a lot of problems with the human body that are just absolute utter misery, while not being actually life-threatening.

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12 years 1 week ago #36577 by firensia
I would absolutely love to be immortal. I love being alive and would definitely like for it to last forever. I'm also a history freak and can only imagine how amazing it would be to live through different civilizations and see the passage of time through your own eyes rather than having to rely on history books.

On the surface, immortality seems amazing but I do agree with Morgana said about it only being good if you were exempt from illness. That's something to think about for sure because as we've seen throughout history, diseases can just simply appear so even if we were immortal, we'd basically be frozen in time stuck with our immune system that isn't necessarily immune to viruses we've never been in contact with.

As for losing all your loved ones and being alone, yes, it would be difficult but we deal with that now anyway. Everyone has lost at least one member of their family and knows what that feels like.

If anything, immortality might make us more prone to procrastination. If I knew that I was going to live forever, chances are I wouldn't feel an urgent need to do anything so I would probably never achieve any goals.

I think a lot of arguments can be made both for or against immortality but I stand by my answer that I would want to live forever.

Amor vincit omnia et nos cedamus amori

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