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astral traveling or astral projection...

13 years 5 months ago #18603 by DrgN
Does anyone have \"instructions\" or page links that tell how to do this?

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13 years 4 months ago #20172 by Zilknitha
It is said that the brain can not visuise anything that it hasn't seen before. On the other hand i do have dreams that are so real that i wake up thinking that i'm in the wrong place and having the sence that somthing is missing. To answer the post before there are webpages that have \"intructions\" and quite a few books on the subject but i think this is one of those things that is better to learn for sombody who is knowleagible in the subject. It can be very hard to read a book and follow though the steps when you are effectivly between two worlds.

I have lot of dreams that predict future events and clarify how i feel about people or certain situations. As well as - what i call - Hyper-reality dreams in which everything feels real but it is not the world as we know it. I always find that i have somthing to learn from them.

Perhaps some of the dreams were we are just doing normal things is our brains replaying a loop that we have created in our heads due to doing the same thing at the same time every day? But we see it differently because we are analising how we see the world with out the contraints of having to get somewhere to go to work or a job. Just a thought...

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